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Madrid Spanish Capital city

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Starting life as a small and insignificant city, Madrid has grown and developped over the centuries to become a lively metropolis with a way of living that is hard to resist. With nightclubs and bars that dont rest until 7am, Madrid certainly lives up to its name as 'the City that never sleeps.'

The buzz of the night is juxtaposed by the beautiful architecture and culture that dates back to the time of the Habsburg Empire. The Royal Palace is a seventeenth century monumental building that combines the beauty of the Baroque and classical styles, whilst the Prado Museum is home to some of the finest collections of art in Europe. The museum is renowned for being the largest art gallery in the world, with works by artists such as Botticelli and Raphael, as well as the world famous painting of 'Las Meninas'by Velazquez. The building itself contains a great deal of history is also full of interesting history, as it was used as headquarters for the cavalry and a gunpowder store for the Napoleonic troops during the War of Independance.

For those who are fanatic about sport, plan ahead to see Real Madrid CF in action at the Bernabeu stadium, or visit the more traditional spectacle of the bullfight. During the months of May and June the famous San Isidro bullfight festival takes place, where there is a fight every day for twenty days by the worlds top bullfighters and bull breeders.The festival is accompanied with open air concerts, traditional dancing, and endless Spanish food, and is an event that should not be missed!

Whilst visiting Madrid it is essential to dine at one of the tapas bars that serve traditional spanish food. One restaurant in particular is famous for being the oldest restaurant in the world. Dating from 1725, the 'Botin Restaurant' is a brilliant setting to eat whilst being seranaded by a 'tuna,'a musical group that play traditional spanish songs in traditional dress. The flamenco dancers reflect the contagious energy and passion for life that is held by the local people, and it is immediately clear that the metropolis is an open and welcoming place for all that visit.

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