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A video contest for the opening of Granada (Spain), the White Nest Hostel.

They are looking for the essentials guests for the opening party

The youth hostel chain, Nest Hostels, with hostels in Valencia and Barcelona, has just opened the White Nest Hostel, in Granada ( ). For its opening, the chain organizes a video contest named �The Essential Crew Wanted�, where the participantes have to upload videos to be voted and win a week end in the hostel and the entrance for the White Nest opening party.

Through this nice campaign promoted by social network and a web site the organisation is looking for the essentials guests of a party : the band, the typical joker, the hot girl/guy, the barman and the king of the dancefloor.

The campain is focused on a national and international public and pretend to increase the reputation of the brand which propose hosteles really cheap in the center of the cities.

City: Granada
Country: Spain
Published on 01-Giu-2010
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