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  • Photo of Center of music, arts and poetry, Asuncion


    Center of music, arts and poetry
    Romantic Asuncion, Paraguay

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    When most of the world expects summer arriving after spring, Paraguay is enjoying it last month of Summer, and stepping into the best season autumn starting from April. Actually the best time to visit this very particular and beautiful country is from April until September, so pack your bags and head to Paraguay. Around this time there are countles...

  • Photo of Untouched Paraguay, Asuncion


    Untouched Paraguay
    Marshes, lagoons, dense forests

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    You heart is looking for dream vocation, discovering places you have never been? Something edgy and nothing commercial, pure and natural, showing it's real face, not being ashamed from anything. Surrounded by Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina in south-central South America, Paraguay stands still, being proud of its Chaco region, covered with marshes, ...

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