If you arrived to Toronto by ship, you would immediately see the CN Tower, which stretches taller than any other building in the city. The city skyscrapers reach up to the top of this building, but there is also a lot of life closer to the ground. An underground walkway called PATH covers a span of 27 kilometres, offers shopping and entertainment. The streets of Toronto offer a unique diversity of food and art that are incorporated into what the city.

Toronto is surrounded by a number of islands, including Hanlan?s Point, Centre Island and Wards Island. These islands all offer wading pools, nice picnic areas and sport fields. Centre Island also offers an amusement park during the summer. The islands are a nice escape from the bustle of the city, just like Franklin?s Garden. This garden was inspired by the children books written by Pauletter Bourgeoise and is a beautiful place to bring young children.

For more adventure, try the Gibraltar Poin Light House, the oldest landmark of Toronto. Some nice museums include the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

In the winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular in the areas around Toronto. Three locations include Mt. St. Louis, Sheppard, and Blue Mountain which are about an hour drive away. During the warmer seasons you can set up camp north of Toronto in the York region. Year round there are lots of exciting events offering unique celebrations, incorporating numerous cultures celebrations and arts.

Toronto is a unique city, not far from nature and islands that offer good day trips. However, the city itself is something to marvel at in the skies, the ground, and underneath. Toronto has something to suit everyone. You?ll immediately see why the city is Canada?s financial centre and once said to be the world?s most liveable city by ?The Economist.?

Where to eat:
For ethnic food try: The Bowl Fine Asian Cuisine, Ethiopian House Restaraunt, Segovia, Yamato Japanese, Restaurant Utsav, Indian Cuisine, or the Old Spaghetti Factory. Try The Pickle Barrel, Brownstone Bistro & Bar, Hernandas Hideway and Hemingway's Restaurant for decent food. There?s always VEDA-Fine Indian Takeout if you don't want to go out. For something a bit out of the ordinary, try the dinner cruise in the harbour.

Where to Party:
For dancing the night away I?d try the C lounge, The Crystal Room, Panorama, Ba Ba Lu'U, or Bovine Sex Club. Inside the C Lounge, you?ll find some sexy leather seats, a pool and patio. The music here is usually soulful house music. Instead, at the Crystal Room you?ll find some crystal chandeliers, hung scattered between canopied beds. This lounge area is daring, but still has an elegant setting. Panorama is a bar, restaurant and lounge that overlooks the city on the 51st floor. Ba Ba LU'U is a salsa club where the dance floor is always moving to latin beats. Bovine Sex Club has a more junk art ambience that blares alternative rock music.

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