St Petersburg

City of the Tsars
Few cities can offer so many stunning attractions and intriguing moods as St. Petersburg - City of the Tsars and the Venice of the North.

From the vibrant colours of spring, through the sunny summer days and endless twilights of the famous White Nights, the brilliant golden sun of autumn, and into the crisp and brittle brightness of a St. Petersburg winter, the City casts its own unique spell over visitors.

Although just 300 years old, St. Petersburg has a rich and exciting history, full of dramatic events and major historical figures. Founded in 1703 by Emperor Peter the Great as his "window on the West," St. Petersburg enjoys a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. Palaces, gardens, statues, and arched bridges over graceful canals bring back the time of the Tsars. Two of the world's greatest art museums top it off. The city is compact, walkable, friendly, manageable, and architecturally intact.

If you have only the slightest interest in culture and history, St. Petersburg makes for the perfect destination.

What to see

The Peter and Paul Fortress
Built by Peter the Great when he reclaimed the lands along the river Neva. Dostoyevski, Gorkiy, Trotsky and Lenins older brother Alexander are among the famous persons who has been imprisoned in its jail. Also houses the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the burial place for all Russian Emperors and Empresses from Peter the Great to Alexander III.

The State Hermitage Museum
Maybe St. Petersburg most impressive attraction. It stands on the banks of Neva, green and white with its 1786 doors, 1946 windows and 1057 rooms, many of which are open to the public. The main building of the Hermitage is the Winter Palace, the residence for the Russian Tsars from the 1760 and onwards. The Hermitage Museum is the largest art gallery in Russia and is also among the largest and most respected art galleries in the world.

St Isaacs Cathedral
The dome of St. Isaacs Cathedral dominates the skyline of St. Petersburg and its gilded cupola can be seen glistening from all over the city. You can climb up the 300 or so steps to the observation walkway at the base of the cathedrals dome and enjoy the breathtaking views over the city.

Where to eat

Barracuda Bistro
Offers a variety of hearty traditional European and Russian fare, and includes an extensive menu of sophisticated fish dishes. Located both on Ligovsky Prospekt, Moskovsky Prospekt and Petrograd Side. Literaturnoye Cafe - Restaurant
authentic hearty and traditional Russian fare in a uniquely historic setting, which used to be a confectioner's shop that was regularly frequented by none other than the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin

Pir Dukha (The Feast of Spirit) coffee house
A cozy coffee house on one of St. Petersburg's oldest streets, offering a wide range of high-class coffees and teas, a diverse assortment of desserts, a bar, and hookahs

Where to shake your money maker

Fish Fabrique
One of the most intimate live-music venues in the city.A diverse and interesting crowd congregates at this dark, single-room club - perhaps because its at the entrance of the city's largest artists working and living centre.

Located in a bomb shelter and is definitely worth a look. The vodka is cheap, the crowd cool and the atmosphere intimate, but laid-back. Alternative music and a diverse range of DJs

The later the hour, the crazier the atmosphere, with people dancing and singing to the music spun by the DJs music youre unlikely to hear anywhere else

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