Seattle has beautiful mountain backdrops that make a stark contrast to its busy streets, filled with skyscrapers. The tallest of these is the Space Needle which was constructed for the 1962 World Fair. The city is located between the Elliot Bay, Lake Washington and Lake Union. Nearby lies Green Lake. Seattle has a lot of culture to offer ? everything from museums, parks, operas, to theatre and music festivals.

Some museums include the Museum of Flight, the Museum of History and Industry, the Frye Art Museum, Childrens? Museum at Seattle Centre, Pacific Science Centre and Seattle Art Museum. The theatre in Seattle includes the Theatre Schmeater, Seattle Theatre Group, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Seattle Childrens? Theatre and Seattle Public Theatre. There's also the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, Seattle Opera, Seattle Baroque Orchestra and Bumbershoot. Bumbershoot is a festival of music that takes place once a year.

There are also beautiful places to walk around and just soak in the sun. The Seattle Gardens and Parks are great to lie down on green grass to read a book or look towards the city?s buildings. The piers are beautiful areas to walk along, both during the day and at night. During the day you can spot fishermen catching fish for the restaurants in the city. Or, you can rent a bike for the day, riding along the piers, through the parks and into the Seattle Centre.

If you are looking for something a bit more youthful, the aquarium and the Woodland Park Zoo are ideal for making friends with beautiful sea animals and fuzzy friends in the zoo. If you?re looking for a day trip outside the city, there are many options. Go to Green Lake to swim and picnic for the day. Try the Woodland Zoo for some wildlife, or if something a bit closer to nature is your scene, hike into the nearby woods surrounding the city. There?s also the Seattle University and University of Washington where you can walk around the neighbourhood and find in good food.

Where to eat:
There are many different places to eat international foods. Try walking the neighbourhoods, your bound to run into some thing good. I do want to point out that Seattle has various good vegetarian places to eat. Some would be, Cafe Ambrosia, Canlis, Cafe Flora, and Rovers. There is also a large selection of good seafood restaurants.

Where to party:
Seattle has various types of bars such as Irish, Wine, and university bars. For some music to groove to, there are various clubs such as the Ballroom in Fremont, Baltic room, and Bonzai. If you want something a little more relaxed try jazz clubs around town. The clubs and bars are gay friendly.

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