San Francisco

San Francisco is a liberal city where some travel to reminisce about the days of the famous Height and Ashberry movement by the so-called hippies. These streets were once willed with the flower children of the 70?s that were ready for revolution. The creativity of the flower children never left the city, and now the city offers a large variety of art and a faded bohemian character. There are many inspiring museums and theatres, as well as the world famous San Francisco Ballet.

The gardens and beaches offer a break from the crowded city streets. The Golden Gate Park is a beautiful span of tennis courts, ponds (where you can rent a boat), waterfalls, the zoo, a buffalo field, the Japanese tea garden, various museums and of course, lush green grass to lie upon. The museums outside of the park in the downtown region include the Asian Art Museum (near the main library and city hall) and MOMA. Both museums exhibit exquisite art from around the world. On the weekend there are usually family activities that teach more about the art that is on display.

Downtown you should look up at the sky as towering buildings range from about 60 stories and up. There are cool shops for trendy clothes at the bottom of these sky scrapers. You?ll find Nordstrom?s and Macy?s malls with more funky clothing stores scattered in between. Downtown is located on the bay where fresh sea food is ready to eat from stands along the piers.

Angel and Alcatraz Islands are ideal day trips. On Angel Island you can ride a bike along the terrain while viewing the Bay Area. There is also a lake on the island that is a good bike ride away for a pleasant swim. The famous San Francisco prison lies on Alcatraz Island. The inmates may be long gone but the cells are still intact for funny pictures to send home to friends and family. Other places to take pictures would be on the beach in the Marina with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. Then there?s the beautiful backdrop on top of Twin Peaks hill by the radio towers for a great city look-out.

Don?t forget to walk the city streets, chat up the locals, and walk the Golden Gate Bridge looking out on to the city and bay of San Francisco.

Where to Eat:
If you want good international food, head downtown. San Francisco includes various neighbourhoods such as the Mission, Chinatown, and North Beach. The mission is known for its Mexican food, Chinatown for it Chinese, and North Beach for Italian food and ?il perfetto caffe?. North Beach may be the best place to grab a coffee, but there is no shortage of funky coffee houses through out the city.

Where to Party:
For a classy night of clubbing, try going along Union Street at the Marina. If you want to go to the Castro you will run into many gay clubs and bars where you can dance all night long, as well as meet tons of fun people. For a scandalous night of neon lights and stripping try North Beach. Melodic, soulful house music comes pumping out of San Francisco's bars and clubs. There are also hip-hop, electronic, and chill art lounges around the city. The SOMA neighbourhood is best for dance clubs. Try the Glas Kat with its upbeat, warm setting, the Holy Cow playing disco and hip-hop, or the Luna Lounge with its funky beat.

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