Why a thousand people are not run over every day is a mystery no man can solve --Mark Twain

A city packed with myth and history, and churches and monuments and people and cars and madness! Being the number one tourist destination of the world, Rome can be quite overwhelming in every sense of the word. More than 1000 churches, St. Peter, the Colosseum, Capitol Hill and the Pantheon. Where to start?

First, don't do everything. You can stay in Rome for one month and still just be able to scratch the surface. Second, apart from being the beloved subject of some million guidebooks, Rome is also the subject of famous and infamous movies of all time. To get the grasp of Rome, sit down and watch some of Fellinis movies again. When you want the harder side, turn to Pasolini. For some entertaining historical information you can always turn to Caligula or Gladiator, and when you want a laugh, see Roberto Benigni roaming the streets as a taxi driver in Night on Earth. And of course it is difficult not to mention Dan Brownes book Angels & Deamons which shines a new and interesting light on a lot of Romes monuments. A bit of light studying can make your trip a whole more memorable.

Stay a while, loose all sense of direction walking around, stumble upon amazing monuments and hidden piazzas you never planned to see. Go out in the night and feel the naked monuments without the herd of ice cream eating, fat-dripping tourists. And most of all, do as the romans, be lazy and crazy.

What to see
The best way to see Rome might be to just let the city take you where it wants to. Still, here is a few starters.

Trevi Fountain
This mystical and great fountain which we remember from Fellinis La Dolce Vita is crowded with toursists and rose sellers during the day, but gets quiet and beautiful during the night. If you are lucky you will also encounter the violin player playing all the works he knows at once, at double speed, with great pleasure.

Castel Sant'Angelo
This strange fortress, reached by the great bridge of Ponte Sant'Angelo, is actually connected to the Vatican palaces by underground tunnels. It has been used as a hiding place for several popes in the course of history. Well worth a visit.

St. Peter's & the Vatican City
The center of Christendom, housing it's largest and most magnificent church, designed by Bernini and considered his greatest work. The dome of the basilica is the worlds largest, designed by Michelangelo. The Vatican museum is also worth a visit, but consider spending a whole day to get through it all.

The Colosseum
Home of the bloody shows that took place between gladiators and tigers, lions, bears and rhinos. Inaugurated in the year 80. A.D., said to have seated more than 50,000 people. The building is damaged by earthquakes and fires, but is still an utterly amazing place to visit.

Crypt of the Cappuccini Monks
This underground crypt consists of five chapels, lit only by dim natural light seeping in through the cracks, and small fluorescent lamps which casts strange shadows. All chapels are elaborately decorated with the bones of 4,000 monks. An truly bizarre place not to be missed.

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