A Phoenix is a mythical bird with beautiful gold and red plumage
in Egyptian mythology and in USA it is the capital of Arizona,
the city of SUN!

Although it's the largest city in the southwest,
Phoenix's greatest attraction is the land that surrounds it:
a vast expanse of untamed desert.
Visitors will see everything from northern Arizona's tall,
cool pines to the cactus-filled scenery of the Sonoran Desert.
And if there's a "must-see," it's Arizona's majestic Grand Canyon,
one of the world's seven natural wonders.
This breathtaking sight is open year-round and
may be experienced through nature walks or mule rides into the Canyon.

But Phoenix is as modern as any American metropolis,
with an active arts scene and visitors are wowed by the richness
of the cultural and artistic offerings found in Greater Phoenix.
Renowned stars of the performing arts, thrill audiences with hundreds of live shows throughout the year.
While museums and art galleries showcase the history, arts and culture of this land.

What to eat:
Endless dining possibilities exist in Phoenix. With some of the world's best chefs,
It is possible to taste all worldwide cuisines but also
a bit of the Old West by sampling a genuine cowboy
mesquite-grilled steak at one of the many restaurants
specializing in authentic Southwestern cuisine.

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