This metropolitan city is a melting pot for many different cultures, coming from diverse corners of the world, from northern Europe to the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia and South America. They add to the cultural scene, influencing music, art, and food. Music flows along the streets, from the rap and hip hop scene of the mid-1980s, with its urban sound to the conga and rumba from the Latin communities of Miami. During the day, you can listen to the music that restaurants play along the beaches. The beaches are always warm with the sun warming the sand between your toes. If you wish to take a day trip, driving into the Everglades right outside of Miami is a perfect way to learn about Miamis wildlife. On the beaches you can even some times spot an alligator or you might just prefer to try some of this delicacy (alligator meat) in a restaurant nearby. You can rent a motorboat or kayak for the day, floating out to the islands to have some lunch, before heading back to Miami's beaches.

If you are a sports fan, youll be spoilt for choice Miami is the home of the Dolphins, an American football team and the Panthers, a popular hockey team. There are games on throughout the year, so try getting caught up in the sporting fever while youre in Miami.

If youre not into sports, the Miami Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCa) are good museums if you need a break from the sun. The Little Havana Miami Metro Zoo and Miami Seaquarium are also great places to go to watch your favourite furry (or scaly) animals play in Miamis sun. If you are in the mood for relaxing in a park, then the Everglades National Park, Vizcaya Museum & Garden and Fairchild Tropical Garden are good choices.

If people-watching is your thing, then youre in for a treat in Miami. Make sure that you keep a look out along the beaches and clubs, because here in Miami the stars come out in the daytime. The celebrity kind, that is

Miami has a huge range of things to do from the refined cultural offerings in museums, to simply relaxing on beaches and park benches, watching the starts wander on by. Theres just something about that Florida sun which dazzles visitors. Take at least a week to enjoy every thing Miami has to offer you.

What to eat:
Neighbourhoods such as Little Havana, Little Managua, Little Haiti, Little Moscow, Little Buenos Aires and Little Tel Aviv offer a unique blend of different cultures into the city. These neighbourhoods offer some great food from around the world. There is also the Bayside Marketplace for shopping.

Where to party:
You can hear the music from the live latin jazz bands in clubs, or in nightclubs. There are plenty of nightclubs and bars to choose from around Miami. For dancing try 2nd Street in the down town area and Washington Street in Miami Beach. Youll find bars all over the city, its a matter of then choosing one that you like.

Where to sleep:
The best place to stay is along the South Beach where you only have to walk a minute or two before being able to lounge out on the beach. The South Beach Hostel offers two lounges which are open 24/7, a full bar, pool tables, and is located in the Art Deco building.
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