London is called the city that loves to be explored so go ahead! It has a lot to offer: world-class museums and galleries, which are often free, quirky shops, outstanding restaurants, royal pageantry, charming neighbourhoods, and an unconquered heritage of more than 2,000 years of history.

It's a cosmopolitan mix of worlds, chauffeurs and market stall holders, the stubbornly traditional and the proudly avant-garde. But somehow - between 'er Majesty and Pete Doherty, Bow Bells and Big Ben, the Tate Modern and the 2012 Olympics - it all hangs together. England's capital is like a great wheel (The London Eye!), with Piccadilly Circus at its hub and dozens of communities branching out from it.

Where to go
You can start in the West End where most of the attractions are within walking distance of each other - Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Soho, Trafalger Square, the National Gallery, Tate Modern, St. Paul?s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the historical rich Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

For a nice relaxing picnic and sunbathing (weather permitting!) go to one of London?s many parks ? St. James? Park (in front of Buckingham Palace), Regent?s Park, Hampstead Heath and if you feel like a paddle on the water, hire a pedalo for an hour or two and go boating on the Serpentine in Hyde Park.

For the party ? London's pulsating nightlife scene is the most vibrant in Europe. Although pubs still close at 11pm, the city is staying up later, and more and more clubs have extended partying into the wee hours.Soho is recommended.

What to eat
Although London has changed its reputation a lot with the high-profiled chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, it is a challenge to find a place with reasonable price. Try to avoid the tourists trap chains and keep an ear out for local favourites There are popular sandwich bars and famous Fish?n?Chips (chips usually flavoured with vinegar and served with the Brown sauce) all around London.

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