Hong Kong

Hong Kong, meaning fragrant harbour, is a subtle blend of the east and west. She was said to have gotten her name from the wonderful smells of the flowering trees and spices going through the harbour. Hong Kong is in fact settled in a harbour with 236 islands. Hong Kong Island is the most populated and second largest island, hilly and full of mountains which make great hiking and camping.

Hong Kong City is a liberal modern city with high rise buildings and parks, strongly influenced by its past British rule. Hong Kong offers religious freedom, but you can find various temples where the God being worshipped is usually a protector of seafarers. This makes sense since the town used to be a big fishing community. This cosmopolitan city also has the beach where you can smell the China Sea or the woods right outside of the city. The weather in Hong Kong is always good with ranging temperatures of average 60-85 F. However, it is in a subtropical area, which makes for some strong rain. Don't forget your umbrella!

If you enjoy shopping, then you might enjoy the fact that you can always shop in Hong Honk, at any time of day! During the day Sai Yeung Choi is a popular shopping street and during the night the Temple Street Night Market offers sme great alternatives. Hong Kong has been greatly influenced by European fashion but also offers its own eastern flair.

Hong Kong also displays a wide variety of art, so if you enjoy museums then you'll enjoy the Art Museum or the Visual Arts Centre, but there are many other choices too. Also if you enjoy learning about science than you should check out the Science or Space Museums of Hong Kong. There are also history museums where you can learn more about Hong Kong?s fascinating past, exploring archaeology, natural history and more. You can see artefacts such as tombs and calligraphy.

where to party
For night life, try the harbour night cruises, horse racing, cinemas, night clubs, bars and discos. The areas for dancing and nightlife would be in Tsim Sha Tsui on the waterfront, Lan Kwai Fong and Wanchai neighbourhoods. There are plenty of people awake at night and lots of things to keep you busy for the night animal.

where to sleep
Dragon Hostel and Sun Kong Hostel are both safe places to spend the night. The Sun Kong Hostel is decent and Dragon Hostel has a more comfortable feeling.

where to eat
The markets are fun to walk through, seeing, touching and smelling the exotic food and herbal medicines displayed. The food is neither salty, nor greasy but mostly focused on seafood. Try the dim sums which include pork buns, potstickers and such usually resting on bamboo strung baskets. For drinks there are zhian jing (rice wine served hot), koalian(whiskey), san miguel (beer) and yeun yeung (tea and coffee mix). However if you don't like any of these there are other options. Keep in mind that most Chinese won't start drinking until dinner time.

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