Dallas is a cosmopolitan, sophisticated city that stretches towards the sky, with the Bank of America building setting an example for the rest to follow suit. Dallas is perfect to visit any time of year, because of its mild climate and choice of activities.

The African American Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art (downtown), the Meadows Museum (at Southern Methodist University), the Crow Collection of Asian Art (downtown) and other museums are great ways to pass your afternoons. If youd enjoy a science museum there is the Science Place. If youre more into alternative artistic expressions, try wandering the urban streets of Dallas. Creative graffiti covers most of town with beautiful murals. There is also ArtFest, a three day outdoor festival. At night there is the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Centre.

Along with many other things you will find an art garden, Central Library and a Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive in Dallas downtown region. Texas is known for its cowboys, both as an American Football team and the ranch cowboys that live near Dallas. You might want to check out the Central Library which displays William Shakespeare's works. For shopping, try downtown, Uptown and the West Village neighbourhoods.

Rest your feet from the urban sprawl and check out some of the greener spaces around Dallas. Theres Turtle Creek which adjoins Highland Park, University Park, White Rock Lake or Fair Park (perfect for Art Deco pieces). Here, you can wiggle your toes in soft grass or sand. The city lies on the Trinity River where you can take a stroll both during the day and in the evening. If you are in the city for longer than a couple days you might consider a day trip. Fort Worth, only 35 miles away, can introduce you to a sophisticated cowboy type of town. Youll find everything from car racing to museums.

Dallas is one of the more sophisticated cities of the south. Texas has its reputation of cowboys, oil, and producing the President of American. But youll soon learn that the city has so much more than this to offer. Art, boutiques, restaurants and more culture than youd expect is around every corner.

Where to eat:
For your dining experience, there is Asian, Ethopian, Asian (Japanese and Chinese), Spanish, European and other international dinning experiences. The restaurants are all over town and are easy to spot. There are all types of cuisines available. The neighbourhoods around town tend to specialize in a different type of cuisine, reflecting their inhabitants origins.

Where to party:
Like Chicago, Dallas was once a leading jazz city of the south in the 30s and 40s. However, now it offers all types of music youll find this at night with the bars and clubs. Main Street is the place Id recommend to go at night. There are lots of clubs and bars that blast out some great music all night.

Where to sleep:
The Dallas Irving Backpackers Stop is located in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. It's about 10 minutes from downtown Dallas and about 20 minutes from downtown Fort Worth Area.
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