Chengdu may be the fifth biggest city in China, but right outside the city youll find spectacular scenery and lush natural surrounds. This is where youll find pandas, and perfect hiking paths for both walking and biking. This city was once part of the silk route, making Chengdu an important trading city of today. Chengdu was also one of the main printing cities in China where many writers and poets gathered to work and be inspired.

The outdoor markets are located on Chaotang Bei Lu. At the markets you can find vases, furniture and more. If you want to rest your feet try any tea house in the city where you can enjoy watching the people pass by. If you wish to take a walk out of the city try wandering over the Anlan Suspension Bridge which overlooks 2 channels and is 1640 feet long, made mostly of bamboo rope, now supported by steel wires.

If you are a lover of art I would recommend that you check out some museums. Try the Three Stars Pile Museum which holds artefacts of jade, gold, bone, bronze and more. The oldest piece dates back to about 1700 B.C - roughly 4,000 years ago!

where to party
The city is filled with neon-lit bars and places to dance. Try Paul's Place, Huigui Reunion Bar and Yihuan Lu. However if you don't want to dance try going to an opera where the costumes and painted faces are wonderful to watch perform on stage.

what to eat
Food from Chengdu is simply put, spicy. There is gong bao ji ding (spicy chicken) and ma po dou fu (spicy tofu with chili). If you want something on the mild side try bang bagn chicken which is a cold dish. Other common dishes include duck or fish. The drink to wash this all down is the local beer, Blue Sword.

where to sleep
Sims Cozy Guesthouse is a sweet place to spend your vacation with a beautiful garden filled with flowers, trees, birds and butterflies. The Mix Hostel is an "economical and friendly hostel" with a coffee lounge and roof top garden.

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