Catania Sicily second largest city, but one that packs a punch bigger than the others. It might be something to do with the big student population, the nightlife that starts late and ends early the next morning, or maybe the weekends that seem to last more than just two days. Or, maybe it's just the fact that this is a city that lives in the shadow of the volcano Mount Etna, where land meets the Mediterranean.

Under the city run the river Amenano, visible in just one point, south of Piazza Duomo and the river Longane or Lognina.

The folk presence of an elephant in the millenary history of Catania is mainly connected to both zooarcheology and popular creeds.

In the Upper Paleolithic, in fact, the prehistoric fauna of Sicily enumerated a host of dwarf elephants.

The Catanian Museum of Mineralogy, Paleonthology and Vulcanologytakes care of the integral unburied skeleton of an elephas falconeri in an excellent state of conservation. The primitive inhabiters of Etna and whilom forefathers of the latter-day Catanians, molded such lavic artifact to idolize the mythical proboscidian they had considered the sole responsible of the resolutive ejection of all the vexing animals from the volcanic territories.

This venerated black sculpture survived the centuries to outlast till today. It is doubtless the most ancient Catania's monument, (Piazza Duomo) followed by the Syenian obelisk positioned on its spine.

The opera composer Vincenzo Bellini was born in Catania, and a museum exists at his birthplace. The Teatro Massimo "Vincenzo Bellini", which opened in 1890, is named after the composer. The opera house presents a variety of operas through a season, which run from December to May, many of which are the work of Bellini.

Giovanni Verga was born in Catania in 1840.He became the greatest writer of Verismo, an Italian literary movement akin to Naturalism.His novels portray life among the lower levels of Sicilan society, such as fishermen and stone-masons, and were written in a mixture of both literary language and local dialect.

In the late 1980s and during the 1990s Catania had a sparkling and unique popular music scene. Indie pop and indie rock bands, local radio station and dynamic independent music record labels sprung. As a result, in those years the city experienced a vital and effervescent cultural period. Artists like Carmen Consoli and Mario Venuti and international known indie rock bands like Uzeda came out of this cultural milieu.

The city is the home of Amatori Catania rugby union team, Calcio Catania (serie A) football team and Orizzonte Catania, the latter being a brilliant women's water polo club, winning eight European Champions Cup titles. Noted Italian basketball coach Ettore Messina is a native of Catania.

La Romolo Murri Catania, is the cricket team playing in the Seria A. In 2002 won the italian league indoor against the Pianoro team.

The city's patron saint is Saint Agatha, who is celebrated with a religious pageantry on 5 February every year.

In Catania you will find the airport for Sicily , Fontanarossa Airport which is only 5km from the city. Here you will get the facility of scheduled and charter flights from various destinations throughout Italy and Europe. From the airport there is a regular bus service which links the airport with Via Etnea and Stazione Centrale in the city. This bus service is at an interval every twenty minutes. You also have direct services from here to other destinations in Sicily such as Taormina and Siracusa.

Transportation in Catania is possible by bus as well and you have frequent bus service from Taormina, Messina, Enna, Caltanissetta & Syracuse. In fact you can also avail buses for Naples, Rome etc.

Enjoy the Sicilian character that you can see in colourful street markets, taste in great sweets and gelato, and smell in that salty sea breeze.

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