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Budapest is a capital of Hungary with incredible architecture, rich cultural heritage and history that still can be felt there.
Budapest was actually created out into a one city when residential Buda, historic buda on the western bank of the Danube river merged with industrial Pest in 1873.
Budapest is bisected by the River Danube, with the city as much a natural geographical centre as it is the countrys transport hub. Covering an area of two hundred square miles and divided into 23 administrative districts, it is home today to a population of 1.8 million people
It has beautiful broad avenues, leafy green parks and elaborate bathhouses that have a world famous reputation. Highlights to visiting the city include a cruise along the Danube, strolling along the riverfront and crossing its romantic bridges, browsing though small antique bookshops and other stores, or taking the waters in one of the many Turkish style baths. The city is ideal for walking, as it is very well laid-out.
Hungarian traditional cuisine is often heavy with meat and spices but being an international city there will be choices to satisfy all tastes.
Budapest offers a huge choice of things to do and places to head after dark, everything from opera and folk dancing to jazz and meat-market clubs.
In accommodation wise the prices in Budapest are still pretty reasonable with many hostels, mainly in the Central Pest area and at summer times the student dormitories are also open to all travellers. To those with a little less tight budget there are some great hotels as well.

What to See

Budapest Museum Also known as the Castle Museum, shows the citys long history on three floors of exhibitions.

Cave Chapel
Cave chapel was build into a cave in 1926 and is located on a small hill.

Gellert Baths
Most famous thermal spa is located below Gellert Hills.

Hungarian National Gallery
This Gallery has overwhelmingly large collection of Hungarian arts from the 10th century to this day.

Hungarian State Opera house
One of the most beautiful buildings in Budapest is this neo-renaissance Opera house.

Royal Palace
Over the past seven centuries this palace has been burned, bombed, rebuilt and redesigned some six times. Take a walking tour to see The Ferdinand Gate, the Mace tower, the Turkish cemetery and the pretty garden in the premises.

Terror Haza
This museum tells a cruel story of both Hungarys fascist and Stalinists before, during and after the WWII.

Where to Eat

Kisbuda Gyongye
Elegant Hungarian restaurant in buda

Is a Hungarian restaurant that serves simple

Good value, etno-cuisine restaurant with great atmosphere

Poznonyi Kisvendeglo
Hungarian favourite dishes with great prices.

Taverna Pireus Rembetiko
Lovely place that offer authentic Greek dishes with great value. Also fantastic live performances from Rembetiko folk music school.

Where to Party

Cha cha cha
Retro caf-bar with huge range of people. A great place to meet and mingle.

Champs Sports club
Great place for sports fans with two huge screens and 35 TVs. Owned by five local Olympic medallists. Check out the menus!

Club Vittula
Probably the best place to drink and dance with great DJs and cheap beer.

Godor klub
Underground club with eclectic live music performances that entertains locals of all ages.

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