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    Olympics Flags
    06.16.2008 EVENTS
    Beijing, China [ Book Hostels in Beijing ]
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    On the Olympic flag, the rings appear on a white background.

    The flag reinforces the idea of the Olympic Movement's universality, as it brings together all the countries of the world.

    Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games, explains the meaning of the flag:

    "The Olympic flag has a white background, with five interlaced rings in the centre: blue, yellow, black, green and red. This design is sy...

  • Photo of I-Decorate in Rome, Rome


    I-Decorate in Rome
    Anne Aagaard


    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Im finally in Rome. I will start my adventure on I-Decorate tomorrow. Im so happy. I have lots of energie and fantasy on this progect. I like to thank you the I-Decorate for this chance and also M&J Place Hostel Rome for the opportunity that they give to me. For me is not the first time, you can see my art work on Picadilly Backpackers in London....

  • Photo of What to say when you drink?, New York


    What to say when you drink?
    Many way to enjoy a drink with others

    TRAVEL INFO in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    So when you travel one of the most common frase or word that you like to know is that one that you need when you have a drink to open the conversation with people that you do not know. Here are some of the most popular languages way to say. Afrikaans (South Africa) Gesondheid Albanian Gezuar Arabic Fisehatak (to your health) / Shucram (United ...

  • Photo of New York Hostels, New York


    New York Hostels
    find a cheap place to stay

    CITY LIVE in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    Going State-side for the summer? Make sure when you make that flight across the Atlantic that a stop off in New York is on your itinerary. New York is known for many things and the Spectacular city is literally littered with iconic buildings, stores and monuments. Looking beyond the Statue of Liberty, Broadway and Central Park there is a lot mo...

  • Photo of Summer Time Barcelona, Barcelona


    Summer Time Barcelona
    21 June 2008

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    The 21st of June, aka the summer solstice, will see the start of Summer and the beginning of backpacking season. Thousands of students from all over the world will pack their bags and secure plane and train tickets to take them to destinations all over the globe. The phenomenon of the summer solstice occurs when the tilt of the earth’s axis i...

  • Photo of After 2nd Game, Vienna


    After 2nd Game
    Euro 2008 live

    EVENTS in Vienna, Austria

    [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

    Second game show already that some team are ready for a long stay on the competition.Euro 2008 start to go deep in to the best of it. Already some team have to go home and others can still hope on continue the tournament. Curiosity The 2 finalist of the 2006 Germany World Cup are maybe both out if Roumania will win with Netherlands Surprices:...

  • Photo of Hostel in Italy New Entry, Venice


    Hostel in Italy New Entry
    21 cities 24 hostels

    HOSTELS NEWS in Venice, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Venice ]

    Hostel in Italy increase the number of hostels that join the free network. Only 6 months are past and the number are grow fast. We can count 21 cities and 24 hostels located all over the "Boot". The last 2 hostels that joined are in order Perugia Farmhouse Backpacker Hostel - Locate in Perugia 1 hr from Florence in the center of Umbria. OndaR...

  • Photo of After 1st Game, Vienna


    After 1st Game
    Euro 2008 live

    EVENTS in Vienna, Austria

    [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

    So far the Euro 2008 show some good and bad matches but we belive that the best will arrive soon Surprices: Italy: 3 goal that are not a good sign. We will see against Romania. France: 0-0 with Romania, we will see what they can do vs Netherlands Greece: not a good start for the champions of the past edition. Impressive: Spain: 4 goals, we hope...

  • Photo of The New York Times Frugal Traveler in Rome, Rome


    The New York Times Frugal Traveler in Rome
    Meet June 13

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Have a glass of wine and a snack on Matt Gross, a travel writer for The New York Times. Share your travel stories and frugal traveler tips. We can talk frugal travel all night long, I’ll let you in on some of the behind-the-scenes antics that don’t make it into the column, and you can give me tips on what to do the rest of the summer. When:...

  • Photo of Portugal Day , Lisbon


    Portugal Day
    June 10th

    TRAVEL INFO in Lisbon, Portugal

    [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

    Portugal Day (Portuguese: Dia de Portugal), officially Dia de Camões, de Portugal e das Comunidades Portuguesas ("Day of Camões, Portugal, and the Portuguese Communities"), marks the date of Luís de Camões' death in June 10, 1580 and is Portugal's National Day. Camões wrote the Lusiads, Portugal's national epic celebrating Portuguese history a...

  • Photo of Bordeaux, Bordeaux


    A nice taste of France

    DESTINATIONS in Bordeaux, France

    [ Book Hostels in Bordeaux ]

    Known for its extraordinary wine, Bordeaux has also a lots of other things to offer. Nevertheless you should try out one of the several wine-tasting tours proposed. Very complete, you'll learn some tricks about tasting wine and enjoy an unique experience. Bordeaux is also the place to be for the lovers of the Caudalie Vinotherapie. Let the inst...

  • Photo of The 10 places to visit before the others!, Buenos Aires


    The 10 places to visit before the others!
    One of our tips

    DESTINATIONS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    Wanting to visit countries or cities still free of tourist invasion? We give you a list of 10 countries who are the tourist destinations of tomorrow, but not yet of today. Argentina is the first country of our list. Vines and meat but also tango, Argentina is also known for its beautiful plains. Even though Abu Dhabi cannot offer this, it's be...

  • Photo of France Facts, Paris


    France Facts
    Travel Informed

    TRAVEL INFO in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    France France is a country that contains everything a tourist could want. This big country lying between Spain and Germany,has beaches, countrysides, mountains for skiing or climbing, as well as cities such as the capital Paris, known as the benchmark for beauty, culture and class. One of the things France is most known for is its food and wine, th...

  • Photo of Egypt Facts, Cairo


    Egypt Facts
    Travel Informed

    TRAVEL INFO in Cairo, Egypt

    [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

    Egypt Egypt migth make you think pyramids, temples, mummies, desert, and Pharaohs, but that would just be a little part of what there is to see. The largest city in africa, Cairo where you won't be bored, experience the Egyptian antiquities and different neighborhoods, and then later the lively nightlife. You can also experience the great Nile Rive...

  • Photo of Euro 2008 Calendar, Vienna


    Euro 2008 Calendar
    7 June till 29 June 2008

    EVENTS in Vienna, Austria

    [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

    From 7 to 29 June 2008, every football lover will be scotched to its television screen to see if France will take its revenge on Italy... Austria and Switzerland are the two countries that will welcome some extraordinary matches or challenges. Because challenge there will be. Let's just think about little Roumania in the group of the 3 big ones ...

  • Photo of Sana'a, Yemen, Sanaa


    Sana'a, Yemen
    A New Old destination

    DESTINATIONS in Sanaa, Yemen

    [ Book Hostels in Sanaa ]

    Designed as "Cultural capital of the arabic world" by the UNESCO in 1994, Sana'a is a very surprising and beautiful city. The historical center of the city has been included in the list of the World Heritage in 1986. When you visit this city, don't miss the numerous moskees. They are the most important historical monuments of the old city. The mo...

  • Photo of Bruges , Belgium, Bruges


    Bruges , Belgium
    A wonderful Big small City

    CITY LIVE in Bruges, Belgium

    [ Book Hostels in Bruges ]

    Bruges. If there's just one city you want to visit in Belgium, go to Bruges. Included in 2000 on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the city is also known as the Venise of the Nord. With its romantic canals and its cobbled alleys you got the impression to go back to medieval times. Bruges is also a city for gastronomic restaurant lovers. It's a kept...

  • Photo of The most visited city in Europe , London


    The most visited city in Europe
    London Paris Rome

    TRAVEL INFO in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    You always had a doubt where I will go, or better what city I will visit once I will go to Europe? Here there is a list of the top 20 most visited cities on the Old Continent. It is the total number of visitors that stay in one city in a year time. The top 3 as you can imagine are in order London, Paris and Rome..... City Tourist ...

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