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    Jumbo Hostel Stockholm
    01.06.2009 HOSTELS NEWS
    Stockholm, Sweden [ Book Hostels in Stockholm ]
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    Do you want a unique experience?
    Sleep in a Jumbo Jet!
    The idea for the Jumbo Hostel is to take the 500 seats away and convert it into a youth hostel where the cabin will be used as the luxury suite.

    You can spend a night aboard, and choose gorgeous three-bed rooms with shared shower and toilet in the corridor or the luxury suite in the converted cockpit with its panoramic view of the airport.

    It will be a funny experience to visit a Jumbo Jet of the mod...

  • Photo of The January Basho 2009 , Tokyo


    The January Basho 2009
    Tokyo Hostels & Hotels

    EVENTS in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    The January Basho - Japans much loved national sport, sumo wrestling takes centre stage this month with the major event, The January Basho. From the 11th until the 25th January the Kokugikan Sumo Hall hosts the contest which is one of 6 annual grand events. The sport requires two sumo wrestlers to battle eachother inside a four and a half metre ...

  • Photo of Berlin and Beyond Film Festival, San Francisco


    Berlin and Beyond Film Festival
    San Francisco Hostels

    EVENTS in San Francisco, USA

    [ Book Hostels in San Francisco ]

    Berlin and Beyond Film Festival San Francisco's Castro Theatre brings films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the annual Berlin and Beyond Film Festival. Held from the 15th until the 21st of January this festival is now in it's 14th year and draws in large numbers to view a mixture of documentaries, independant films, shorts, and even re...

  • Photo of Hong Kong Fashion Week, Hong Kong


    Hong Kong Fashion Week
    Fall & Winter Collections

    DESTINATIONS in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    [ Book Hostels in Hong Kong ]

    Hong Kong becomes centre stage from the 12th to the 15th of January with the bi-annual Hong Kong Fashion Week for the Fall and Winter collections. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and attracting over 15,000 visitors and buyers to the event, it is one of the biggest in the Asian region. Hundreds of exhibitors representing 1...

  • Photo of Happy New Years 2009!, Rome


    Happy New Years 2009!
    M&J Place Hostel Rome Italy

    HOSTELS NEWS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Now that you've finished the Christmas festivities, seen in the New Year of 2009 and are thinking of where to travel next, we'd like to invite you come to visit us at M&J Hostel in Rome. For the month of January and February M&J Hostel Rome have got crazy cheap prices for dormitories and private suites! Dorms start at only €9.99 per night! Go ...

  • Photo of Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Sydney


    Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
    Sydney Hostels

    EVENTS in Sydney, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Sydney ]

    The most exciting annual yacht race on the calander in the South Pacific is about to kick off on the 26th December. The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race begins in Sydney Harbour and finishes up in Hobart in the island state of Tasmania. Held since 1945, this race has attracted many competitors over the years and has shown the advancement of technol...

  • Photo of Krakow Philharmonic Concert, Krakow


    Krakow Philharmonic Concert
    New Years Day

    EVENTS in Krakow, Poland

    [ Book Hostels in Krakow ]

    Every year from mid-Spetember until mid-June the Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra performs numerous concerts each month, and on the 1st of January they will be giving a concert to welcome in the new year of 2009. The orchestra first played in 1909 but was finally established in 1945 during World War II as The Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra. At that t...

  • Photo of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009, Paris


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009
    Infohostels Staff

    EVENTS in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    In America they are drinking eggnog and eating roast turkey and pumpkin pie. In Russia, they are throwing kutya up towards the ceiling in the hope that it will stick and bring forth a plentiful harvest. In Japan, fried chicken is eaten as a traditional festive food. In Italy, everyone is passing everyone else panettone, after panettone, after panet...

  • Photo of Florence Hostels 2009, Florence


    Florence Hostels 2009
    The Worldwide Florentine Carnival Feb 2009

    DESTINATIONS in Florence, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Florence ]

    The Worldwide Florentine Carnival of Florence is coming in early February 2009 bringing the best of Tuscany to life! All the villages from around the area will hold their own festivities and then all unite together for one huge celebratory parade which will begin in Piazza Oggnisanti and end in Piazza della Signoria. Costumes from around the wo...

  • Photo of New Years in New Zealand, Auckland


    New Years in New Zealand
    Rythym & Vines Festival

    DESTINATIONS in Auckland, New Zealand

    [ Book Hostels in Auckland ]

    Rythym and Vines, New Zealands number one summer music festival is just around the corner and the 2009 bill is stacking up to be the biggest yet. A three day event that kicks off on the 29th December at the world class venue Waiohika Estate, you'll find the small but beautiful coastal town of Gisborne scattered with vineyards, rolling hills, breath...

  • Photo of Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai


    Dubai Shopping Festival
    Dubai Hostels and Hotels

    DESTINATIONS in Dubai, United arab emirates

    [ Book Hostels in Dubai ]

    With 2 million visitors every year, and a grand total of over 1 billion in sales, the Dubai Shopping Festival is a spectacle not to pass up. Beginning in January and running through February, this annual event includes merchants selling everything from clothing, to electrical appliances. The festival includes fashion shows, theatre performances,...

  • Photo of Frankfurt Hostels, Frankfurt


    Frankfurt Hostels
    Frankfurt Christmas Markets

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Frankfurt, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Frankfurt ]

    Every year the Frankfurt Christmas Markets draw thousands of people ready to take in the sights of what is truely a magnificent festive experience. With a history spanning centuries, the Frankfurt Christmas Markets provide shoppers with everything from traditional festive foods like roasted almonds, gingerbread men, baked apples and mulled wine, to...

  • Photo of Capodanno a Roma - Rome New Year's Eve, Rome


    Capodanno a Roma - Rome New Year's Eve
    The Living Room Rome Cafe

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Ring in the New Year in style! Join us for an incredible party as we say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009. The Living Room has everything you need to start the New Year off right! 30 Euros covers you at the open bar from 23:00 until 03:00. There will be plenty of panettone and lenticchie e cotechino (traditional Italian New Year's food). We...

  • Photo of Salzburg Hostels Austria, Salzburg


    Salzburg Hostels Austria
    Salzburg Christmas Markets

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Salzburg, Austria

    [ Book Hostels in Salzburg ]

    Until December 26th the Salzburg Christmas markets are open and serving up treats for your senses. Located at the Cathedral and Residenz Square right in the middle of the historical city centre, the markets have 85 exhibitors this year with colourful stalls and many different items on offer. You'll be able to find Christmas decorations, hand pai...

  • Photo of The Flying Pig Hostels Amsterdam, Amsterdam


    The Flying Pig Hostels Amsterdam
    Is smoking inside still permitted?

    HOSTELS NEWS in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    Can you still smoke inside the Flying Pig Hotels Amsterdam? Of course! There are indoor smoking area's in all 3 hostels, very cozy and comfortable to hang out. So don't worry, the smoking law didn't have much impact on the Flying Pig Hostels. Amsterdam Hostels The Flying Pig Hotels Amsterdam ...

  • Photo of Almaty Hostels - Kazakhstan, Almaty


    Almaty Hostels - Kazakhstan
    Enjoy a new destination Hotels and Resorts

    DESTINATIONS in Almaty, Kazakhstan

    [ Book Hostels in Almaty ]

    It is no coincidence that a magnificent city at the foothill of emerald-green ranges of Tien Shan is called an orchard city. In spring, when southern outskirts are full of blossoming apples, apricot and cherry orchards, the city looks like a fairy tale. Gorgeous verdant attire and magnificent mountain view make Almaty unrivaled. Orchards, groves, p...

  • Photo of Barcelona Hostels, Barcelona


    Barcelona Hostels
    Fiesta de San Medir Barcelona

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    Fiesta de San Medir – Barcelona. If you have a craving for all things that are sweet, you can check out the Fiesta de San Medir. It is an annual event that takes place every early March in the artistic district of Gracia in Barcelona. The parade which started in the 16th century, kicks off at about 8pm and is in honor of Sant Medir who is th...

  • Photo of 3 Must-See Sights in Athens, Athens


    3 Must-See Sights in Athens
    Hostel in Athens Greece

    DESTINATIONS in Athens, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

    3 Must-See Sights in Athens. For a glimpse into how life may have been back in the 5th century, you needn’t go any further than Athens, Greece. Many important structures are still standing, some are even being restored to prolong their life so people can come to view and wander through the spectacular ruins. Acropolis which translates literally...

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