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    St. Patrick's Day
    03.06.2011 EVENTS
    Dublin, Ireland [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]
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    Saint Patrick's Day or simply Paddy's Day, is an annual feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland. And this days is celebrated in Irish way. The main attributes of the celebration are: dress-code "wearing of the green", Irish music and songs, food and undoubtedly - drinks. If you cannot come to Ireland, do not worry, as the festival is taking place in most of the countries all over the world: Argentina, Canada, England, New Zealand and ...

  • Photo of Extreme Sporting Capital, Queenstown


    Extreme Sporting Capital
    Queenstown – New Zealand

    DESTINATIONS in Queenstown, New Zealand

    [ Book Hostels in Queenstown ]

    If you're an adrenalin junky and dream about your next big rush, Queenstown is the place to be. It is a resort town in Otago in the south-west of New Zealand's South Island. The town is built around an inlet called Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu. The giant Z-shaped lake was formed by the movement of glaciers. It is the center for adventure touri...

  • Photo of Koninginnedag Festival Queen's Day , Amsterdam


    Koninginnedag Festival Queen's Day
    Amsterdam April 30th 2011

    TRAVEL INFO in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    Queens Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands as well as the Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba almost always on April 30th unless it falls on a Sunday. In that case the holiday is held on April 29th. Queen's Day celebrates the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands and is supposed to be a day of national unity and “saamhorigheid” whic...

  • Photo of ITB BERLIN 9-13 March 2011, Berlin


    ITB BERLIN 9-13 March 2011
    Worlds leading travel trade show

    EVENTS in Berlin, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

    Staying in Berlin during this time? Then pay a visit to the ITB Travel Trade Show. At the ITB you will find information on everything that has to do with travelling. From hotels to tour operators,from destinations to booking systems. They will show how travelers can make the most out of their vacation. Ofcourse the ITB is the place to be for t...

  • Photo of Singapore – The Lion City, Singapore


    Singapore – The Lion City
    Over 10 million people travel there a year

    TRAVEL INFO in Singapore, Singapore

    [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

    Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, it is a city-state island country located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. To the north, the Straits of Johor separate Singapore from the rest of Malaysia. The Singapore Strait separates the island from Indonesia's Riau Islands to the south. Singapore is the fourth lead...

  • Photo of Edinburgh's Festival and Fringe, Edinburgh


    Edinburgh's Festival and Fringe
    Edinburgh International Festival (EIF)

    CITY LIVE in Edinburgh, Scotland

    [ Book Hostels in Edinburgh ]

    The Edinburgh Festival is one of the largest cultural events in the world, and takes place all over the city of Edinburgh over three weeks. It originated in 1947 and was established as the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF), as a post-war effort to "provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit". That same year, eight theatre compani...

  • Photo of Rio Carneval March 5th - 8th 2011, , Rio de Janeiro


    Rio Carneval March 5th - 8th 2011,
    Brasil Rio de Janeiro

    EVENTS in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

    The Rio Carneval is Rio de Janeiro's annual festival before the Lent season begins. It is their last big party before the somber mood of Lent takes over. It is considered one of the greatest spectacles on Earth and the biggest street party on the planet. The carnivals main event is the porformances from the samba schools, called a Sambadrome. ...

  • Photo of Krakow Poland's Historic Destination , Krakow


    Krakow Poland's Historic Destination
    Second Largest City In Poland

    DESTINATIONS in Krakow, Poland

    [ Book Hostels in Krakow ]

    Krakow is one of the oldest places in Poland and the country's second largest city. It has a population of over 750,000 people and it's history dates back to the 7th century. Krakow is located along the Vistula River in the Lesser Poland region. It is currently one of the leading centres of Polish academic, cultural and artistic life and is one ...

  • Photo of Holi  The Festival of Colors, New Delhi


    Holi The Festival of Colors
    India, Nepal, Sri Lanka March 20th 2011

    EVENTS in New Delhi, India

    [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

    The Festival of Colors, also known as Holi, is a spring religious festival, mostly celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs, but primarily observed in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and countries with a large Hindu population. Other countries that recognize and celebrate the tradition are Suriname, Guyana, South Africa, Trinidad, United Kingdom, United States, Mau...

  • Photo of Hostels HOSCARS 2011, Yerevan


    Hostels HOSCARS 2011
    Armenia and Envoy Hostel Featured at HOSCARs 2011

    HOSTELS NEWS in Yerevan, Armenia

    [ Book Hostels in Yerevan ]

    In 2011 Envoy Hostel had representatives at the 9th annual conference and HOSCAR Customers Annual Ratings) Awards gala ceremony hosted in London. These annual conferences give excellent opportunities to the hostel owners to meet each other from all around the globe and share their experiences. Due to our hard work and professional...

  • Photo of Canada's most cultural city... Montreal!, Montreal


    Canada's most cultural city... Montreal!
    Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada

    CITY LIVE in Montreal, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Montreal ]

    Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada, has one of the most interesting cultural clashes in the country. The French and the English live harmoniously in this vibrant metropolis along with people from all over the world who have been settling in, in large numbers for decades. There are plenty of things to do and see in Montreal! The city ho...

  • Photo of La Merce Festival 2011 Barcelona, Barcelona


    La Merce Festival 2011 Barcelona
    Barcelonas Biggest Street Part

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    Every year at the end of September, Barcelona holds their main annual festival, Festes de la Merce, to celebrate the city's patron saint, Mare de Deu de la Merce. This year the festival will be held from the 22nd to the 24th. Many different events are held from the 22nd leading up till the 24th wich is the public holiday. One of the main even...

  • Photo of European Capital of Culture 2011 , Tallin


    European Capital of Culture 2011
    Tallinn, Estonia & Turku, Finland

    EVENTS in Tallin, Estonia

    [ Book Hostels in Tallin ]

    Each year the European Union designates a city for a period of one year to be the European Capital of Culture. This title requires the city to organise a series of cultural events that represent strong European tradition. It is a great opportunity for the designated city to generate cultural, social and economic benefits. It can also help chan...

  • Photo of Kuala Lumpur Fast Living, Kuala Lumpur


    Kuala Lumpur Fast Living
    Metropolis with spectacular architecture

    CITY LIVE in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

    In the last few decades, Kuala Lumpur has become a thriving metropolis with spectacular architecture ranging from Menara KL to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers – the second-highest buildings in the world. Boasting some of Southeast Asia’s largest shopping malls and a colourful jumble of street markets. Unlike many Asian cities, Kuala Lumpur has...

  • Photo of Bohemian Carnevale- Prague , Prague


    Bohemian Carnevale- Prague
    February 26th - 8th March 2011

    EVENTS in Prague, Czech Republic

    [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

    If your heart desires brilliant ideas, unique skills, sophisticated tastes, and creativity like no other, the Bohemian Carnevale is your next destination. The Bohemian Carnevale is a tribute to beauty, arts and Czech tradition. It is an annual festival of fantasy and imagination dating back over 700 years. The 11 day festival takes place in the ma...

  • Photo of Ljubljana Summer Festival, Ljubljana


    Ljubljana Summer Festival
    Spring Slovene Music Days

    EVENTS in Ljubljana, Slovenia

    [ Book Hostels in Ljubljana ]

    The Ljubljana Festival is the main summer festival in Slovenia, and one of the oldest in Ljubljana. Its origins go back to the first Tourist Week, organised by the Ljubljana Tourist Society in 1952. Though back then it was only a local tourist event featuring folklore, sport and economic activities, it has since developed into a renowned internatio...

  • Photo of Bangkok: The City of Angels, Bangkok


    Bangkok: The City of Angels
    Fashion, arts, politics and entertainment.

    CITY LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand

    [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

    Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and the largest urban area in the country. Known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon meaning “city of angels” for short. The traditional Thai name for Bangkok is over 20 words long and holds the Guinnes Book of World Records for the longest name of a place. Bangkok is split into seperate areas of land by...

  • Photo of Ultra  Music Festival , Miami


    Ultra Music Festival
    March 25th-27th Miami 2011

    EVENTS in Miami, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

    If you like jamming your heart to the greatest dj's on the planet, you'll fall in love with Miami's Ultra Music Festival. The annual electronic outdoor music festival occurs in March during the Winter Music Conference. Originally a one day festival at the end of the conference from 1999 to 2006, it has expanded to 2 days over the past years due to ...

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