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    Best 10 Countries to visit in 2021
    11.07.2020 DESTINATIONS
    Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]
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    These days, like me, many travellers are forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. For many of us it is really hard to stay at home. The idea of travel comes up in our mind every time something helps us to remind ourselves of a wonderful destination. When we order food, italian mexican or japanese, or we buy clothes online or we listen to music on the radio or we use a digital device. The passion or only the escape give us the adrenaline to go and discover new places.


  • Photo of Ostello Diffuso & Sea Hostel, Bisceglie


    Ostello Diffuso & Sea Hostel
    The hospitality revolution

    HOSTELS NEWS in Bisceglie, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Bisceglie ]

    The hospitality revolution: Ostello Diffuso & Sea HostelThe beaches are packed and the restaurants are all booked out. The bar has a special on Mojitos and a DJ is playing. The council’s summer cultural program shows a long list of events to choose from.Moonlight cinema, anyone? You might want to take a bicycle tour among the local w...




    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS PROJECT: THE LONGEST WORK OF ART IN THE WORLD CREATED BY A SINGLE ARTIST Dale's rainbow in a Guinness World Record work of art. A journey into the world of colors in a 5 km long rainbow stretched from the Forte dei Marmi, passing through Montignoso and arriving in Massa.This is the undertaking of the young artist Luca Fruzze...

  • Photo of Osaka Expo 2025, the official logo, Osaka


    Osaka Expo 2025, the official logo
    The Japanese event unveiled

    EVENTS in Osaka, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Osaka ]

    From 13 April to 13 October, the universal exhibition will be held on the artificial island of YumeshimaThe Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition has unveiled the official logo of the event. Expo 2025, which will be held from 13 April to 13 October 2025, will be held for six months on the artificial island of Yumeshima, in the Osaka Bay a...

  • Photo of 100 Must Visit Spots in Korea, Seoul


    100 Must Visit Spots in Korea
    Tourist destination

    DESTINATIONS in Seoul, South Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    The authorities of South Korean tourism have created a list of 100 places to visit. Most of the sites include outdoor locations or little-known sites. All to  keep people crowds away to visit the most tourist attractions. The Korea Tourism Organization has posted the list online.  Have divided the group of sites in local regional area&n...

  • Photo of World's Best City for cycling, Copenhagen


    World's Best City for cycling

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Copenhagen, Denmark

    [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

    People in Copenhagen use the bicycle all the time, in every weather conditions, sunny rain snow. The bike for fun to go for shopping and also to go to work. They are cycling also to take kids to school or to go to a park for a picnic with friends in a nice sunny day. Use the bicycles is what Copenhageners love the most. They can keep their self h...

  • Photo of Rome's Fountains, Rome


    Rome's Fountains
    The most Beautiful

    DESTINATIONS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Have you ever hear about Rome? Maybe you have to sow it in many movies hear many songs, imagine that walk on is road, you can see all. If you walk on the small road you will find out how much feeling and beauty there is in this city, and how beautiful it looks like to your eyes the Eternal City. In every corner, you will have a surprise. You will ...

  • Photo of Miami Music Week, Miami


    Miami Music Week
    March 16 to 22, 2002

    EVENTS in Miami, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

    Miami Music Week is probably one of the Top World’s electronic music events.  It will be playing in Miami Florida in March. The different locations will hold the festival. This location will include Hotels Bars, Boats, Bayfront Park, Faena Forum, Mokai, Studio 23 and many more. This year will be the 10th anniversary. It will attract hu...

  • Photo of Amsterdam closer to London, Amsterdam


    Amsterdam closer to London
    Fast move

    DESTINATIONS in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    Amsterdam closer to London A new fast way to travel from Amsterdam to London.A fast speed connection will be available soon to connect Amsterdam to London.A direct train will connect the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam to London, the main city in the UK. The train will be in service from April 30 202. It will depart from the Amsterdam Centra...

  • Photo of 5 New sport at Tokyo2020, Tokyo


    5 New sport at Tokyo2020
    Tokyo add new events

    EVENTS in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    Tokyo 2020. The countdown has begun. The inauguration of the XXXII Olympic Games of the modern era, which will be hosted in Tokyo, the Japanese capital, from 24 July to 9 August. 17 competition days, 33 scheduled sports, for a total of 49 disciplines divided into 339 events. Compared to Rio 2016, we will assist five new sports: baseball/softball, k...

  • Photo of New York City, New York


    New York City
    Guide Concrete Jungle


    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    From Central Park to the Empire State Building, New York is no doubt one of the most enticing cities in the world. The long list of attractions bring in over a whopping 65 million tourist per year. With a vast variety of food, art, bars, monuments, parks, fashion, this city truly has something to offer to all walks of life.  Being the most vi...

  • Photo of MEXICO CITY, Mexico City



    DESTINATIONS in Mexico City, Mexico

    [ Book Hostels in Mexico City ]

    SIX BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN MEXICO CITYMexico City is the most visited city in Latin America and isn’t a surprise for us, it is big architectural, historic and gastronomic importance worldwide made of this city, the most important capital of the region. In this article, we will show to you the best places to enjoy and discover the Palaces Cit...

  • Photo of Munich or Munchen , Munich


    Munich or Munchen
    Bavarian capital

    DESTINATIONS in Munich, germany

    [ Book Hostels in Munich ]

    The name of the City is derived from the old middle high German term Munichen, meaning By The Monks. It derives from the Monks of the Benedictine Order, Who ran a Monastery at the place that was later to become the Old Town of Munich, hence the Monk depicted on the City Coat Of Arms. The Metropolitan region of the city is home to 6 M...

  • Photo of Sarajevo, Sarajevo


    Catholics, Jews, Muslims

    DESTINATIONS in Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

    [ Book Hostels in Sarajevo ]

    Around the world we can find countries with a big cultural diversification, United States, Spain, England, Germany are just a few examples of how the immigration can offer cultural alternatives to a big piece of land; but, can you imagine Catholics, Jews, Muslims and Orthodox living in the same city?, well, you can find actually two cities on the w...

  • Photo of 7 Seoul Best to see, Seoul


    7 Seoul Best to see
    Capital of South Korea

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Seoul, South Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    Seoul is the capital city of South Korea.It’s a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers and meet Buddhist temples. Half of the country’s population lives in the city and in the metro area, making it the 5th largest metro area populated in the world.  Noryangjin Fish Market It’s home to more than a hundred fish stores, open...

  • Photo of London for FREE, London


    London for FREE
    5 Best things to do

    TOP VISITED CITIES in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    5 Best things to do in London for FREE The Royal City, for ages, this city has been known as a sophisticated and really expensive city, and is understandable, well, the home of the most important monarchy in the world and headquarter of three Olympic Games; but, can you believe that is possible enjoy big part of London totally free?. Keep reading ...

  • Photo of Rome, Rome


    The legend

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Rome is the capital city of Italy. It’s the fourth most populous city in Europe.Rome’s history dates the founding of Rome around 753 BC, and according to the myth, the origin of the name Roma comes from the city founder and first king, Romulus. The legend of Romulus and Remus tells us about two twins whose a she-wolf had taken care...

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