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    Castelli Romani wines,
    09.05.2011 EVENTS
    Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]
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    When Summer's last month August has passed by, everyone gets tired and even a bit sad. All holidays we have lived already, and comes that nostalgic feeling that now only new mountains to clime and new things to do, even if we are So not ready for It. But Rome never stops to throw new things to do and to enjoy. So annually first week of October, very near to Rome, in the little hill top Castle Town of Marino has a Sagra dell’uva celebration.

    The Castelli Romani Region is famous fo...

  • Photo of Trinidad in Cuba, Trinidad


    Trinidad in Cuba
    Hot sleepy town

    DESTINATIONS in Trinidad, Paraguay

    [ Book Hostels in Trinidad ]

    Trinidad is one of the most visited towns in Cuba with its special atmosphere and part of its intrinsic beauty, which is located in the central province of Sancti Espiritus. Trinidad has a charm and colonial atmosphere that doesn't compare to anything in the world. Its unique uneven cobbled streets, plazas, churches makes it so warm and welcomi...

  • Photo of The Grape Throwing Festival, Mallorca


    The Grape Throwing Festival
    Mallorca, 15th of September until 26th

    EVENTS in Mallorca, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Mallorca ]

    Have you ever heard about people throwing grapes at each other? No, its not an aggressive event, it's all for fun, The Grape Throwing Festival in Mallorca, which takes a place at the last weekend on September annually. In the Mallorca island in the town called Binnissalem. Spanish people running and getting ready the rocket to go off...thousand ...

  • Photo of Visit the land of the Thunder Dragon, Kathmandu


    Visit the land of the Thunder Dragon
    the happiest country in Asia

    DESTINATIONS in Kathmandu, Nepal

    [ Book Hostels in Kathmandu ]

    Rated in 2006 as the happiest country in Asia, and the eight -happiest in the world, is an extraordinary green little piece of earth at the eastern end of the Himalayas (just 47 thousand square meters),where Gross National Happiness is deemed more important than Gross National Product. Bhutanese peaple call it Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon...

  • Photo of Venice Film Festival 2011, Venice


    Venice Film Festival 2011
    Presenting a thriller directed by George Clooney

    EVENTS in Venice, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Venice ]

    Today starts the Venice Film Festival 2011. It's considered to be one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals on the planet, which aim is to raise awareness and show to the world all the various aspects of international cinema in all its forms, which are: art, entertainment in spirit and freedom. Everyone works on the major figures as a c...

  • Photo of Milan's Fashion Week Fall 2011, Milan


    Milan's Fashion Week Fall 2011
    Piece of action

    EVENTS in Milan, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Milan ]

    As we all know, Milano is the center for fashion, all greatest designers are concentrated there, all the models having the best contracts there,all the fashion traffic is in Milano! But its not all only about the fashion, it's also a beautiful city, full of culture, art and any kind of events and very alive city life. So on September all the bes...

  • Photo of Keeper of the bridge, Mostar


    Keeper of the bridge
    Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    DESTINATIONS in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    [ Book Hostels in Mostar ]

    Keeper of the bridge. That's the meaning of Mostar, the elegant Old Bridge, arches over the Neretva River, providing Mostar town with its icon and name. This old Ottoman-style bridge was destroyed in the civil war in 1993,it has been rebuilt and even entered in UNESCO's World Heritage list. But The town is not all about the bridge, it offers ama...

  • Photo of Communist chic city!, Minsk


    Communist chic city!
    Minsk brings you back in Soviet times

    CITY LIVE in Minsk, Belarus

    [ Book Hostels in Minsk ]

    If you travel to Belarus, you know you will deal with a great experience, specially its capital Minsk, it's a European capital, but it feels like it brings you back in Soviet times. Police and the military are everywhere, and they ready to send tanks to squash the protests, it has a communist chic, cappuccino communism, in few few words, Minsk is ...

  • Photo of Grape harvest Festival in Cyprus , Kyrenia


    Grape harvest Festival in Cyprus
    6000 years old

    EVENTS in Kyrenia, Cyprus

    [ Book Hostels in Kyrenia ]

    Annual grape harvest Festival in Cyprus is annual, when the wine capital celebrates its rich viticulture. All of the islands vineyards and wineries meet up in the town's Municipal Gardens to share their products and tell to each other about the new flavors and all about fruits of their labours. For about 6000 years, Cyprus has been making wine,...

  • Photo of Be Hostels video series, Barcelona


    Be Hostels video series
    Episode 3, BE a winner!

    HOSTELS NEWS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    Barcelona is one of the top destination in the world, people travel there to enjoy the superb location on the Mediterranean, its a vibrant and very alive city, with sparkling people and many tourists. All together making the right charm. If you are getting there, pass by the BE Hostels! Although, BE Hostels are plentiful, but often get fully book...

  • Photo of Lantern Festival Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur


    Lantern Festival Kuala Lumpur
    Moon Cake

    EVENTS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Moon Cake or Lantern Festival, originating from a time of conflict in 14th-Century China. While Chinese in different countries celebrate it with distinct traditions and practices, all agree that the festival commemorates the summer harvest season of their ancestors, and also the fall of Mongolian rulers ...

  • Photo of Weekend de la biere, Brussels


    Weekend de la biere
    Market place of Brussels

    EVENTS in Brussels, Belgium

    [ Book Hostels in Brussels ]

    Ever heard that Belgium hosts the largest range of different beers and labels in the world ? If you want to enjoy to try them all together, don' t miss this chance: the first weekend of September the wonderful Market place of Bruxelles will host the 13th edition of the Belgian Beer Weekend. Many small, medium-sized and large Belgian breweries w...

  • Photo of Healthiest City, Miami


    Healthiest City
    Miami in Florida


    [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

    Miami is a dream come true location, its sunny golden beaches, extremely good weather. It's blessed with all year round great climate and ocean access. In 2002 Miami was voted as the 1st Healthiest City by Natural Health Magazine. Its name really talks by it self, this adorable city is every traveler's delight. Its located on the South of Flor...

  • Photo of Top BEST world's cities, Bangkok


    Top BEST world's cities
    Bangkok, Florence and Rome is the third!

    DESTINATIONS in Bangkok, Thailand

    [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

    Travel magazine has finaly rleased its new 2011 “World’s Best” list. Every year prestige American travel magazine makes a top visited world's cities, it's voted by readers and visitors, anyone can vote. Rounding out the Top 10 cities in the World, Bangkok took the first place and Florence was second. This year Rome is third , the Belpaese ...

  • Photo of Olympic Park in London, London


    Olympic Park in London
    Impressive structures made for the games

    DESTINATIONS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    London has been preparing for the games for a long time now and now that they are finally very near you can see what a huge effort has been made in the preparation of the Olympic Park. One of the main structures built is the Olympic stadium which will hold all the athletics events. It will be able to seat 80,000 during the games:25,00 permanent ...

  • Photo of Best beaches in Rome, Rome


    Best beaches in Rome
    Nettuno, Ostia, Anzio

    CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    You are planning to visit Rome, one of the world's most beautiful city, on August, which is the time that Italians are going out of the city to get some rest from the old art masterpiece. And you think it's perfect and not so crowded, well, you will meet bunch of tourists thinking the same. August is time when most of the offices and places are clo...

  • Photo of Barcelona Skate Hostel , Barcelona


    Barcelona Skate Hostel
    Hostel Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

    HOSTELS NEWS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    Sant Jordi Hostel Sagrada Familia Barcelona decided that since Barcelona is the heart and soul of European skateboarding it was perfectly logical to build, in Barcelona, Europe’s first hostel designed specifically for skateboarders. The first ever and newest concept in Barcelona hostels, Sant Jordi Hostel’s New Sagrada Familia hostel is a Barce...

  • Photo of Sorrento Limoncello and more, Sorrento


    Sorrento Limoncello and more
    Beautiful view of the Golfo di Napoli

    DESTINATIONS in Sorrento, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Sorrento ]

    Over the steep cliffs is located beautiful Sorrento town, from where you can view an amazing bay of Naples. Surrentum, the old name form Greek times, main selling point is the fabulous location, you can see anything and everything from there. From the west you can enjoy unspoiled and untouched countryside, from the north, beautiful Pompeii and spec...

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