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    Technicolour dream city
    11.30.2016 TOP VISITED CITIES
    Barcelona, Spain [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]
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    Barcelona is as vibrant a city as they come. The bright Catalan capital has an impressive repertoire of gorgeous buildings, galleries, gardens, and even the food itself is a work of absolute art.

    The city is on a superb stretch of coast on the Mediterranean, which allows Barcelona to give its’ visitors the finest seafood available and glorious sands to sun worship.

    • Photo of Hong Kong, where East meets West, Hong Kong


      Hong Kong, where East meets West
      All of the Lights, Sounds, and Tastes

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

      [ Book Hostels in Hong Kong ]

      Hong Kong is one of the most unique cities in the World and worth the visit just to see the metropolis straddle the archipelago it’s built on. Hong Kong is a dynamic blend of Chinese and Western culture with traditional temples, Chinese cuisine and Disney World. Visit and see the fantastic sights and meet the fantastic people that call Hong K...

    • Photo of Edinburgh , Edinburgh


      Scotland's cultural capital

      DESTINATIONS in Edinburgh, Scotland

      [ Book Hostels in Edinburgh ]

      Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most important cultural cities. Edinburgh is home to the national parliament of Scotland (Holyrood), the National History Museum, The national Library, and Scottish High Court. The city is steeped in the political, and cultural history of Scotland. With many notable attractions to visit, which will give you a ki...

    • Photo of Korea Week in the Eternal City, Rome


      Korea Week in the Eternal City
      A Week of K-Pop, Taekwondo, Opera more

      EVENTS in Rome, Italy

      [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

      Korean Institute's Culture week The beginning of next week sees the start of the beautiful Korea Week in Rome, which is organised by the Korean institute and is in association with the Korean ambassador’s office. It will prove to be a fascinating insight into the lives of Koreans that call Rome their home. With events covering Korean food an...

    • Photo of Lisbon in a short time, Lisbon


      Lisbon in a short time
      Europe's western capital

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Lisbon, Portugal

      [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

      If you want to spend a long weekend in one of the most popular European capital city, here is how to explore the maximum of Lisbon in a short time ! You can start on your first day by visiting the city center and taking the Santa Justa elevator from which you will have access to the beautiful Chiado district. Here you will have a stunning view ov...

    • Photo of Art in Sydney, Sydney


      Art in Sydney
      Australia most visited harbour bridge

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Sydney, Australia

      [ Book Hostels in Sydney ]

      The day started out with sunshine rays glistering through sheer white drapes unto the mintly white fresh and breakfast in bed served with givenchy's essence to get the cosmopolitian air brewing in the hint of the -”bad case of coffe breath” syndrome. The curiosity to start the day by foot or crowding with the bustling daily commute comm...

    • Photo of Unique Kyoto, Kyoto


      Unique Kyoto
      Cultural and historical heart of Japan

      DESTINATIONS in Kyoto, Japan

      [ Book Hostels in Kyoto ]

      It’s the cultural and historical heart of the country. It’s the best place in all Japan to experience traditional temples, shrines, gardens, geisha, shops, restaurents and festivals. In short, Kyoto is the most rewarding destination in all of Japan and it should be at the top of any Japan travel itinerary.This city has a bunch of attrac...

    • Photo of Paris in 3 days, Paris


      Paris in 3 days
      The most visited city in the world

      DESTINATIONS in Paris, France

      [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

      Paris is certainly the most visited city in the world, with millions of tourists coming every year to see the City of Light. Spending a few days is intense but doable ! Here is where you should definitely go in the famous capital city if you have a weekend to spend there: First day Take the metro 4 and stop at Saint Germain des Pr&eacut...

    • Photo of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      The Natural meets the Urban

      DESTINATIONS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

      Kuala Lumpur has become one of the must see places to visit in Mayalsia. It has very quickly developed a reputable image for being a place of adventure and culture. It’s a green natural reserves meeting the bustling metropolitan vibe and it somehow fits all this into a relatively small city. Kuala Lumpar has a population of over six and a h...

    • Photo of MUST SEES FOR 12 MONTHS IN LA, Los Angeles


      Los Angeles - 12 INCOMPARABLE

      DESTINATIONS in Los Angeles, USA

      [ Book Hostels in Los Angeles ]

      The city of Angels is the land of legends and broken dreams. Make it or break it it’s an experience here nonetheless. As Los Angeles itself is so vast in size and the people seem to have a particular taste for living a full life hence there are thrilling events on every single month. These special events are worth planning your trip around as...

    • Photo of Autumn in Rome, Rome


      Autumn in Rome
      Celebration of Cinematography

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Rome, Italy

      [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

      Roma is a city of art, pleasure and love. A broad environment where culture, history and expression thrives. This makes Rome the perfect place for the Autumnal Rome Film Festival.  This is the 11th Rome Film Festival and it runs from 13th to 23rd October primarily at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. This place has been the heart of this...

    • Photo of New Delhi - Architecture, New Delhi


      New Delhi - Architecture
      Culture, art, fashion, and tourism

      DESTINATIONS in New Delhi, India

      [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

      New Delhi India’s capital and so enriched with culture, art, fashion, finance, media and tourism. It so large in size and populated with 11 million that it’s split into six regions. Each region unique and with it’s own list of must sees. So here are the ones that top the list. New Delhi - Architecture The Red Fort also known as ...

    • Photo of Magnificent Melbourne, Melbourne


      Magnificent Melbourne
      Why it's the grandest city in Australia

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Melbourne, Australia

      [ Book Hostels in Melbourne ]

      Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia with a population of four million it’s thriving with things to do and see. It’s one of Australia’s greatest tourist destinations for a reason. This city is grand especially for the large amount of parks, gardens, theatres and galleries. Hence there is always something to do reg...

    • Photo of London - The underground secrets, London


      London - The underground secrets
      Why it's the best city in the world

      TOP VISITED CITIES in London, England

      [ Book Hostels in London ]

      London is one of the most visited cities in the world, the population swelling everyday from the mass amount of tourists arriving and understandably they come considering London is so vast in size. So well connected in addition and every corner is worth a peek. It’s a city where the energy flows free, creativity is appreciated and being uniq...

    • Photo of Beautiful Berlin, Berlin


      Beautiful Berlin
      For the german youth Berlin stands

      DESTINATIONS in Berlin, Germany

      [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

      Berlin is Germanys biggest  city and capital and maybe the country’s most interesting and fun place. No matter if you are looking forward to a party holiday or you want to learn about Germany’s recent history, it’s the right place to go! For the german youth Berlin stands for crazy electro festivals, political left scen...

    • Photo of VIVA MEXICO, Mexico City


      Why September is the best time to visit!

      DESTINATIONS in Mexico City, Mexico

      [ Book Hostels in Mexico City ]

      Mexico is known and beloved for being a land of vibrant culture, rich  history and spicy food. The people so friendly and willing to share their culture and experiences. Between the open doors and gigantic portions of food there really isn’t a specific amount of time one can assign to magnificent Mexico for it will always keep giving new...

    • Photo of The new happiest place on earth!, Copenhagen


      The new happiest place on earth!
      Copenhagen, Denmark

      DESTINATIONS in Copenhagen, Denmark

      [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

      Copenhagen so subtly became a powerhouse for Europe and a must see for backpackers. Within 30 years it has become one of the most successful and inspiration cities in the world. They successfully became the  city the closest to carbon neutral in all of Europe. The economy is thriving, quality of life is exceptional making it one of the places ...

    • Photo of Food for thought and thoughts of Food, Toronto


      Food for thought and thoughts of Food
      Toronto Canada

      DESTINATIONS in Toronto, Canada

      [ Book Hostels in Toronto ]

      Toronto is the highlight of anyone’s trip to charismatic and culturally diverse Canada. The city itself is brimming full of open friendly people waiting to welcome you no matter where you’re from. Anytime you go there will be an event that regardless of what they are celebrating everyone is invited. That’s the thing about Toronto...

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