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    Prague in Christmas time
    11.29.2017 DESTINATIONS
    Prague, Czeck Republic [ Book Hostels in Prague ]
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    Once the All Saints Day and Halloween are passed, it's high time to think about...Christmas! Sounds early but we all know the crazy, tiring rush before the celebration, though planned earlier would leave you spare time to enjoy the splendid atmosphere on the Christmas market in... Prague! There is no better way to relax and at the same time fully enjoy Christmas feeling but during the 4th annual international festival of

    • Photo of A month in Scotland, Edinburgh


      A month in Scotland
      A beautiful place

      DESTINATIONS in Edinburgh, Scotland

      [ Book Hostels in Edinburgh ]

      Now is the perfect time to start planning next summer’s travel! Scotland is a beautiful place to visit from June to August, with average temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius. While Edinburgh and Glasgow are Scotland’s most traveled destinations, you must venture further north, through the highlands, to experience authentic Scottish cu...

    • Photo of December to March, Toronto


      December to March
      Must do in Toronto

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Toronto, Canada

      [ Book Hostels in Toronto ]

      Toronto is well-loved for its vibrant summer season, from harbour front views to island festivals to friendly hipster patios to its massive annual Pride parade. But when weather hits a frigid -20 Celsius, Toronto remains exciting and festive! And perhaps even more distinctly “Canadian”. Here’s a list of must-dos if you are visitin...

    • Photo of London on a Budget, London


      London on a Budget
      You can never be bored

      TOP VISITED CITIES in London, England

      [ Book Hostels in London ]

      Since Brexit depreciated the British Pound, London has become a newly accessible city for budget travelers. This bustling metropolis has attractions for every interest, and my favorite way to see the city is by sampling a little bit of everything. When booking your accommodation, choose a location close to the metro so that you will always be well-...

    • Photo of New Orleans, New Orleans


      New Orleans
      The city of jazz

      DESTINATIONS in New Orleans, USA

      [ Book Hostels in New Orleans ]

      New Orleans, located deep in the American South, is a melting pot of cultures unlike anywhere else in the world. It has a long history: first as a federation of Chitimatcha tribes, second as a French Colony, then seceded to the Spanish before passing back into French hands, and finally transferred to US power with the Louisiana Purchase. Due to the...

    • Photo of The Eternal City, Rome


      The Eternal City
      The beauty of Rome

      DESTINATIONS in Rome, Italy

      [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

      At some point in your life, you will find yourself in the Eternal City, because as the old adage goes: all roads lead to Rome! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of places to visit since there are thousands of years of well-preserved history in this relatively small city, but that’s the beauty of Rome, because you can ...

    • Photo of Paradise that is Bali, Bali


      Paradise that is Bali
      Island with different culture

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Bali, Indonesia

      [ Book Hostels in Bali ]

      eWhen you picture the perfect summer getaway, your fantasy probably doesn’t even come close to the paradise that is Bali, Indonesia. This small island offers snorkeling in perfectly preserved reefs, hiking above the cloudline for the perfect sunrise viewpoint, and everything in between. For Western tourists, Bali is incredibly affordable beca...

    • Photo of New York City, New York


      New York City
      The city is constantly moving

      DESTINATIONS in New York, USA

      [ Book Hostels in New York ]

      New York City is home to 8.5 million people who are innovators, hustlers, and the best in their fields. The city is constantly moving, so things can change in a New-York-minute, which is why the best way to see the city is just to arrive. When you think of New York, you probably think of Manhattan, which is what I will focus on, but there are 5 bor...

    • Photo of Singapore is so diverse, Singapore


      Singapore is so diverse
      Popular destination

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Singapore, Singapore

      [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

      Singapore is a tiny island nation nestled into the Malaysian peninsula, which is why for those in the Western hemisphere, it’s not a well-known travel destination. Singapore only gained its independence in 1965, so downtown Singapore has a brand new infrastructure, a clean and efficient metro that goes everywhere you want, and signs in 4 lang...

    • Photo of City of masterpieces., Florence


      City of masterpieces.
      Florence, Tuscany - Italy

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Florence, Italy

      [ Book Hostels in Florence ]

      You could spend a week in Florence and still not see all of the masterpieces in the city, so between gelatos make sure to see the best! To start, walk to the defining feature of the skyline: Brunelleschi’s Dome at Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. This incredible feat of architecture, like most Florentine tourist attractions, is a product ...

    • Photo of The most livable city in the world, Melbourne


      The most livable city in the world
      Melbourne, Australia

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Melbourne, Australia

      [ Book Hostels in Melbourne ]

      Despite being voted the most livable city in the world, Melbourne is continually overlooked by travelers who flock to Sydney for the Opera House and to search for 42 Wallaby Way (pro tip: it doesn’t exist). Since there aren’t as many obvious landmarks to visit in Melbourne, here’s a comprehensive guide for you to get the most out ...

    • Photo of Boston, Boston


      Center of cultural events


      [ Book Hostels in Boston ]

      The United States would never have become the place we know and love today without Boston. The Revolutionary War, when the 13 colonies fought for their independence from Britain, began in Boston with the Boston Tea Party, so you can begin your journey by walking along Boston Harbor. This lively area has restaurants overlooking the water, street per...

    • Photo of Amsterdam, Amsterdam


      Dutch capital

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Amsterdam, Netherlands

      [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

      There’s no denying the Dutch capital has a big reputation. And whilst it entirely deserves its partying credentials, there is much more than just that on offer. Not only is Amsterdam a beautiful city with its intricate network of canals, bridges and towering narrow houses, but the ridiculously attractive Dutch people whizzing around on their ...

    • Photo of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Naples


      Naples and the Amalfi Coast
      A culinary tour

      DESTINATIONS in Naples, Italy

      [ Book Hostels in Naples ]

      Naples and the Amalfi Coast. A culinary tour of the city and nearby seaside townsNaplesWelcome to Naples! A city that gets a bad rep but has so much to offer. Especially when we’re talking about food. To begin, start with Naples’ famous rum babà. It's a soft airy cake/pastry in the shape of a mushroom, soaked in a delicious rummy...

    • Photo of Go Hiking in Hong Kong, Hong Kong


      Go Hiking in Hong Kong
      Beyond the skyscrapers

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

      [ Book Hostels in Hong Kong ]

      Hong Kong is a busy city, well-known for its hustle-bustle and skyscrapers. It is easy to overlook the city’s natural beauty. Go to one of the outlying islands for a tranquil spot to relax after your overwhelming shopping in the city; if you are up for something more adventurous, have a hike on the deserted beach. Looking for something &ldquo...

    • Photo of Mexico City, Mexico City


      Mexico City
      World's 2nd biggest city

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Mexico City, Mexico

      [ Book Hostels in Mexico City ]

      Mexico City; the second biggest city in the world, therefore a thousand places to visit and have fun! Mexico is well known for its amazing food and tequila.  When visiting Mexico City there are places where you -must- go, such as El Castillo de Chapultepec. It was a home of the Mexican Royalty. It is placed above the hill where you can enjoy o...

    • Photo of 10 MUST DO in Saint Petersburg, St Petersburg


      10 MUST DO in Saint Petersburg
      Cultural capital of Russia,

      DESTINATIONS in St Petersburg, Russia

      [ Book Hostels in St Petersburg ]

      Cultural capital of Russia, North Venice, ghost-city. All this descriptions belongs to the one of the most fascinating cities in the world, to Saint Petersburg. If u have a chance to visit it once, you will never forget it's cold charm. Pack your raincoats, warm clothes, good mood and go on a journey. Here are 10 things that should definitely be do...

    • Photo of Berlin Marathon 2017, Berlin


      Berlin Marathon 2017
      Berlin is waiting for you

      EVENTS in Berlin, Germany

      [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

      How far are you ready to run away from daily routine?If you are not afraid of great distances, come to Germany on the last weekend of September. You will become a spectator of a unique event - the Berlin Marathon. It will be held in the capital of German on the 24 September for the 44th time.It stands in one line with the annual marathons in London...

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