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    The 10 most visited touristic sites
    12.19.2018 TRAVEL NEWS
    London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]
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    Tripadvisor, the biggest website designed as traveler’s guide around the world, has published this week the list of the most visited attractions around the world in 2018, 2 of them in the United States, and the rest in Europe:



      • Photo of 5 Reason to visit Rome in winter., Rome


        5 Reason to visit Rome in winter.
        Rome, Italy

        TOP VISITED CITIES in Rome, Italy

        [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

        The reasons to visit Rome are many as the year of the city. We decided to give 5 reasons to visit Rome in the winter. They have been selected from a long list of reasons. Here is the list: 1. NOT SO MANY TOURISTS This will help you to spend more time inside the museums and not waiting in a long line like at Colosseum of the Vatican Museum.2. BE...

      • Photo of The pearl of South America, Buenos Aires


        The pearl of South America
        Buenos Aires, Argentina

        TOP VISITED CITIES in Buenos Aires, Argentina

        [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

        Buenos Aires, defined as the pearl of South America, is the capital city of Argentina. The full name is Ciudad del Espíritu Santo y Puerto de Nuestra Señora La Reina Virgen del Buen Ayre and it was known for the harbor and its winds. Buenos Aires literally means Fair Winds. It is now widely known all over the world for its music and ...

      • Photo of ROOM HOSTEL Rotterdam, Rotterdam


        ROOM HOSTEL Rotterdam
        December on Music

        HOSTELS NEWS in Rotterdam, Netherlands

        [ Book Hostels in Rotterdam ]

        Maybe Rotterdam is cold in the winters but with a bit of good music, you can warm your heart. Where this music is played? Where you can enjoy live music in Rotterdam? The best place to be, this December, is the ROOM HOSTEL Rotterdam. The lovely staff has organized some nights to entertain the guest and the locals with a selection of artist fr...

      • Photo of Kyoto colors, Kyoto


        Kyoto colors
        December in Japan

        TOP VISITED CITIES in Kyoto, japan

        [ Book Hostels in Kyoto ]

        Kyoto in December is rich in colors. The most predominant are the red yellow and brown. All the paths are nice and so inviting that make your eyes enjoy something that reminds you the past time when Kyoto was full of kimono Gheisa and people busy with their works. Today Kyoto offer lots of the past with a modern view. Many places to visit this day...

      • Photo of Christmas in Dublin, Dublin


        Christmas in Dublin
        Irish Style

        TOP VISITED CITIES in Dublin, Ireland

        [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

        Most of us enjoy Dublin during the Christmas coming time, present shopping, Christmas lights everywhere in Dublin. Trees, decorations, and light spirit, but for some these days, it's a stress, rush and extra duties...And if you are tired from all that mess and all you want is to escape it and get something different, that go to Leopardstown in Irel...

      • Photo of Amsterdam, Amsterdam


        The Netherlands

        TOP VISITED CITIES in Amsterdam, Netherlands

        [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

        Let’s talk about one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Europe. Amsterdam The Netherlands Many people know this wonderful city for its famous Coffee Shops, where we can buy and consume marijuana, and for most of the sexual streets, The Red Light District, but the truth is that Amsterdam is much more than that. Amsterdam offers us an...

      • Photo of London calling, London


        London calling
        A short cultural guide

        TOP VISITED CITIES in London, England

        [ Book Hostels in London ]

        What can I say that has not already been written about one of the most iconical metropolises in the modern world. Often controversial but never assuming, forward thinking but always welcoming, magical but never boring always reinventing and evolving herself, which is why london is one of the only few places Milan, New York, Paris, Japan ...

      • Photo of BANGKOK, Bangkok



        TOP VISITED CITIES in Bangkok, Thailand

        [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

        Let’s talk about one of the most occidental city in Asia. BANGKOK, Tailandia 3 days in Bangkok. If you are visiting or thinking to go to Thailand you definitely has to stop in Bangkok. This City is also known as The City of Angels which offers to their visitors landscapes and places as exotic as varied between them. There are basi...

      • Photo of The Red Light District,, Amsterdam


        The Red Light District,

        TOP VISITED CITIES in Amsterdam, Netherlands

        [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

        Many people know this wonderful city for its famous Coffee Shops, where we can buy and consume marijuana, and for most of the sexual streets, The Red Light District, but the truthis that Amsterdam is much more than that. Amsterdam offers us and makes us fall in love with its various activities, the exotic nature of its streets and the cultural secr...

      • Photo of Ostello Diffuso Ugento, Ugento


        Ostello Diffuso Ugento
        Salento, Italy

        HOSTELS NEWS in Ugento , Italy

        [ Book Hostels in Ugento ]

        Live experiences and emotions in the OstelloSalento in Lecce, Gallipoli, UgentoThe new proposal for the territorial accommodation of the AI.G. (Italian Association for Youth Hotels) started in Lecce, Gallipoli and Ugento, in Salento, in Puglia, in the South of Italy.The project / itinerary that involves the Urban Oasis Hostel in Lecce, the Caesar G...

      • Photo of Giraffa day, London


        Giraffa day
        See from above

        EVENTS in London, England

        [ Book Hostels in London ]

        Giraffe the animal which is known for long neck and long legs.The scientific name for the giraffe is giraffe Camelopardalis, first part comes from Arabic word Zarafa which can be translated to “fast walker”(giraffe are so tall that they stroll at a brisk 10 mph).the species name, camelopard, derives from the Greek terms for camel and le...

      • Photo of Rome, Rome


        Caput Mundi

        DESTINATIONS in Rome, Italy

        [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

        The heart of Italy, from ancient to modern times, has always been the city of Rome. Located in the region of Lazio, Rome's origins are traced by legend to Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars, the god of war. According to Roman mythology, the brothers disagreed over where to locate the new city. Each brother stood on one of Rome's seven hills, and ...

      • Photo of Tango, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires


        Tango, Buenos Aires
        Do it in Argentina

        DESTINATIONS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

        [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

        Buenos Aires means fair winds or literally good airs in Spanish. It is one of the largest cities in Latin America, with a lot of cultural offerings, and is the point of departure for traveling to the rest of the country. Inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called porteños, "people from the port", implying that many of the inhabitants are immigra...

      • Photo of Envoy Tours Georgia, Tbilisi


        Envoy Tours Georgia
        Tbilisi Best Tours

        TRAVEL NEWS in Tbilisi, Georgia

        [ Book Hostels in Tbilisi ]

        Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Travel much, unveil your imagination, enrich your experience and create lasting memories. If you have not planned your traveling destinations for 2018 yet, then this article will definitely help you make your mind up. 2018 is the year to visit Tbilisi, Georgia - one of the most gorgeous and ...

      • Photo of Brussels, Belgium, Brussels


        Brussels, Belgium
        The capital of Europe

        DESTINATIONS in Brussels, Belgium

        [ Book Hostels in Brussels ]

        When you think about Brussels the first thing that probably comes to your mind is European Union. And that’s the association most of us have. The European District is like a city in a city where all the time something is happening. Getting to Luxembourg Square you will find yourself just in front of the European Parliament. Being there visit ...

      • Photo of San Francisco, San Francisco


        San Francisco
        Where all is possible

        DESTINATIONS in San Francisco, USA

        [ Book Hostels in San Francisco ]

        Good times and social revolutions tend to start here, from manic gold rushes to blissful hippie be-ins. If there's a skateboard move yet to be busted, a technology still unimagined, a poem left unspoken or a green scheme untested, chances are it's about to happen here. Yes, right now. This town has lost almost everything in earthquakes and dot-com ...

      • Photo of Jerusalem, three religions, Jerusalem


        Jerusalem, three religions
        The holy city

        DESTINATIONS in Jerusalem, Israel

        [ Book Hostels in Jerusalem ]

        There is no doubt that Jerusalem is a unique city and it’s impossible to find another one like that. It is the sacred place for three big religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And this can mean only one it’s a city of differences and unity at the same time. Pilgrims from all around the world are coming here to pray in the city wh...

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