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Bacon Fest 2015

Best of market

Americans just love bacon and here it comes, they annually have their very own Bacon festival in November, since 2012. It maybe doesn't have a hell of history behind, but it's pretty famous already. Small town Easton helds Farmer's Market of seasonal food , so the action of the festival is held in there, between tomatoes and strawberries ...This Pennsylvania city runs Easton Farmer's market with fresh food and goods, it's the oldest open air market that runs continuously.

The Bacon Festival will be all about bacon, which won't be free, unfortunately, you will be able buy the strangest combinations of bacon, such as :bacon jam, bacon cupcakes, bacon stuffed pretzels and chocolate covered bacon! Bacon Fest at the first year attracted more than 9000 people, who all wanted celebrate the pig in all its edible permutations, after the great success, the following year it was on again, and so it became a tradition. The organizers decided to do it again think through the program more carefully with a lot of pigs, bacon, music and even more visitors, with double number compare to the last year.

The goal of this affair is to promote the local food and local bacon , Bacon Fest promotes for restaurants and rise the city's economy. Bring also kids , they will have fun here too, with fresh made pancakes and bacon, mixed with all kind of games to keep them busy, feeding pigs and getting gifts in exchange. Also adults will have fun, not just buying stuff and bringing home, there, have fun straight away, with bacon jams and Bloody Mary's , bacon pizza and bacon wings , so much more.

There are different deals of menus, so come here with an empty stomach, pay 50 dollars and that will include beer and eight courses of different pork dishes. While heading to NY , do a day trip to this cozy town Easton and enjoy some bacon.

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