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Enchanted soul of Warsaw

Culture, energy and action

Warsaw is a city with the enchanted soul in locations that doesn't exist anymore. The particular atmosphere here is produced by fantastic combination of modern urban development and historical architecture.

During the war the old town was almost destroyed and rebuilt only in the postwar years. For example, the Royal Palace (the historical heart of Warsaw) was rebuilt only in the 1970s and 1980s. The historic Centre of Warsaw is included in the World Heritage list as an exemplary sample thorough restoration of the destroyed historical heritage. Several important historical monuments were restored after the fall of Poland. In recent decades, the panorama of the city was enriched with modern skyscrapers and business centers.

Warsaw is full of contrasts, question marks and surprises. Special spirit rule in the Warsaw Old Town (called Starowka). Here are a lot of restaurants, museums and galleries. Many painters are exhibiting their works directly on the street. The old town area is very attractive when there are some cultural events and concerts. Also you can find an monument of the Mermaid which is the main symbol of the city in the Royal Route.

It's very interesting to visit Warsaw Library - a great art object with a real garden on the roof. No jokes! The garden is one of the biggest landing on the roof in Europe. Here you can stay calm: read, observate Vistula and the roofs of the Old Town. This is an absolute must see in Warsaw, which is open every day.

The city is full of parks, but the main one is Lazenki park with it's Royal gardens and famous Palace on the Water. The pianists from all over the world are playing the works of Chopin every Sunday here. This special open air mini-concerts are making atmosphere of magic- great weekend rest.

The best observation view of the city is from the roof of the Palace of Culture and Science which is the tallest building in the whole Poland (234 meters).

Warsaw will not leave you indifferent - reflection and euphoria simultaneously spring to mind. It is a source of amusement caused by it's uniqueness and unprecedented blending of ancient and present times.

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