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Biggest Christmas Tree Lit Up: 25th of December, 2009

Vilnius, Lithuania

The fir tree is a symbol of a living Christmas spirit and rebirth, as it is green all year round even in the cold of winter. Some time ago it was a symbol of family and togetherness, since the Christmas tree was used as a decoration in the main room. Presently, many cities, towns, and department stores put up public Christmas trees outdoors. No one can deny that it creates a magical atmosphere on winter days.

Every year cities get get into the small competition to have the most impressive Christmas tree of all. The world's tallest Christmas tree one year was standing in Bucharest, the next one - in Rome's St. Peter square. However, probably the most original one is in Vilnius, Lithuania. Every year, just before Christmas, Vilnius TV tower (a 326-metre tall construction) is turning into the World biggest Christmas tree (Guinness-book-confirmed). Since 2000, the tower has been decorated to resemble a Christmas tree and to create an atmosphere of celebration.

For the Christmas season, the whole city gets decorated with colorful garlands and lights as well. Vilnius has a lot of faces: from ancient to modern. It is a city plenty of small charming restaurants, cozy bars and nicely decorated Old Town buildings. It offers fun for everyone: classical music lovers (concerts in Vilnius churches are held everyday during the Christmas season) to nightlife revelers. Christmas markets shouldn't be forgotten as well. Everyone can find something that suits their taste.

Vilnius has emerged from the cocoon of isolation and has become a modern European Capital - a cradle of various cultures and a channel of communication and exchange. Reveal the spirit of the city.

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