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Festa del Redentore 18-19 July, 2009

Venice, Italy

An exciting summer event, the Festa del Redentore takes place in Venice in late July. The event began as a feast for giving thanks to the end of the plague in 1576, which killed over 50,000 people. The Festa del Redentore takes place for two days, on the third Saturday and Sunday in July, every year. This year, it will take place on the 18th and 19th. On the eve of the festival, boats are decorated with colorful balloons and grand displays of fireworks are let off into the night sky.

The fireworks last for about an hour, illuminating the sky and exciting both Venetians and visitors. Afterwards, everyone celebrates by eating and drinking on the many boats which cover the lagoon. Every year, a temporary bridge, floating upon pontoons, is placed over the Giudecca Canal. It remains until Sunday, where people can walk across it to church or to the regatta. On Sunday, there are regattas, rowing competitions, church services and even gondola races!

When: 18-19 July, 2009 (annual) Where: Venice Cost: Free

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City: Venice
Country: Italy
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Published on 15-Lug-2009
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