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Kenkoku kinen no hi

Japan Relaxing Day

The 11th of February is a national holiday in Japan. This day the Japanese people commemorate the first emperor entering his throne. Emperor Jinmu is seen as the instigator of Japan and as a direct descendant of the Shintogodin Amaterasu of the Japanese mythology. Nowadays the emperor bases his right to the throne on his descent of Jinmu.

According to the legend, emporer Jinmu should have sailed through the inner see to central Japan. There he invaded the area but the local people beat him. Then he realised that he, as a descent of the God of the Sun, he shouldn't keep up the struggle against the raising sun. With his second invasion he succeeded. He built a palace in the lowlands of Yamato and after a year, the 11th of February 660 BC, he became the first emperor.

It is not sure if Jinmu is a mythological person or also a historical person. When is was a historical person he has lived later then the 7th century.

Because of this legend, the 11th of Febraury is nowadays a national annual holiday in Japan.

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