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The Caucasus way to travel

Tbilisi is indeed a charming city, in particular the Old town area where Envoy hostel is positioned.
Cobbled streets, beautiful old buildings with carved wooden doors and balconies, streets lined with cafes and of course the Mtkvari river and its beautiful bridges.
With streets named after poets and statues scattered around, there are many hints revealing how once it was the region’s hub for intellectuals and literary greats which cements the rich Georgian culture.

To give you a better idea of what is in walking distance to the hostel, we thought we’d share this photo blog with you. We hope you too will discover and fall in love with Tbilisi (as much as we do Smile).

NEW Tour Released!
In Tbilisi and want to explore Armenia for a day? Then our newly released 1 day detour is for you!

Starting from Tbilisi take a quick trip across the border to Armenia and see the UNESCO listed gems of Northern Armenia, plus a fantastic bbq lunch and then back again to Tbilisi! This tour will bring out the explorer in you!

Envoy's Unique Tour: Enlinking Caucasus

Travelling from Tbilisi to Yerevan (or vice versa) has never been so fruitful. Envoy offers the unique' Enlinking Caucasus tour (mentioned in LP guide book), which combines with transport to allow you to experience the beautiful scenery and UNESCO listed sights of northern Armenia while you travel between two countries. Select the links to find out more details of the tour departing from Tbilisi and Yerevan.

Encounter Georgia with Envoy Tours
Envoy Tours have been designed with the traveller in mind. Delivering value for money and maximising your time in Georgia. See the sights, meet the locals, have lunch in a village, experience the warm hospitality and learn about the culture, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our English speaking guides will not only inform but entertain you throughout the tour with anecdotes and a taste of the local humour.

Envoy currently offers custom tours in Georgia and Armenia as well as a range of Day tours and free walking tours. Bookings are essential so let us know and we will book you in.

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