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Late coming of age party of Taipei

Finally comfortable in its own skin

Taiwan is one of the best destinations in world, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, hundreds of temples and overall a green island that gives you more than promised. It's home to entire Chinese traditions, Buddhism and collection of of deities and's a magical place of three dimensional mosaic rooftops, empress of heaven and a very strong belief of religion, with all the rituals and prayers that comes along.

Taipei is the capital, pretty young though, only 300 years, but no matter what it has accepted the fact that's a mix of cultures, and that’s the real charm of it, being vibrant and unhurried, in few words,feeling very comfortable in its own skin.

Street food is something you Must taste, go for little snacks, they are all delicious! Restaurants? Oh well, you will taste Tokyo and Hong Kong in here, and also Taipei of course, any time, any food, it's exquisite! The particularly about the food in Taiwan is that there are small eats but a lot of them, so you'll have a chance to taste almost everything, just keep calm, little bites...the secret of eating habits, also staying fit , is to eat often and well. Sure, they have three main meals, but they do snack a lot, imagine only the capital has 20 streets dedicated to snacking. Each of them seems to be better than the previous.

Your breath will be taken away immediately seeing the tea fields, parks, mountainous national parks and hot springs, Taipei will surprise you unprepared! Also for those ones willing to party, the nightlife scene is only growing in here! The beautiful island has sea cliffs, tropical forests, alpine roof, so hiking is a part of lifestyle in here, volcanic arcs or the simplest landscapes, you will find it all within Taiwan.

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