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New Year's Day 2010

Where Will You Be?

New Year's Day is the worldwide celebrated first day of the new year. On the modern Gregorian calendar, it is held on the 1st of January and considered to be one of the most important public holiday. The modern New year celebration cannot be imagined without fireworks that in fact have become a symbol of the new beginning. The largest events in the world are:

1 - Sydney, Australia. This city is always a hot spot on the New Year's day. It is also the most-watched event on television worldwide. You can hardly find a person who has not seen a spectacular show transmitted on the TV from the Sydney bridge.

2 - Hong Kong, China. The crowning glory of the city's events is the International Chinese New Year parade, a must see festival. Spilling out in the streets, the Hong Kong New Year Parade (full of traditional Chinese masks and the dragon dancers) is an event not to be missed.

3 - London, England, UK. There is no shortage of the joy and excitement in London. With dazzling nightlife and a whole wide array of firework display on the New Year's Eve, London becomes one of the best places to welcome the New Year.

4 - New York, United States. The city always presents the ten-second countdown in Times Square, as well as party with the largest number of attendees. No one has a doubt that it's a city that never sleeps. Beyond many nightlife events, New York features great shopping and some of the best Broadway musicals.

5 - Berlin, Germany. Midnight firework display and plenty of champagne-fuelled capers - welcome to Berlin. When the clock strikes twelve, dozens of bands start their performances,laser shows begin, and the city lights up for the beginning of the New Year.

6 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The main event is held in Copacabana beach. It attracts millions people every year. The dress-code is white. One of the greatest concentrations of people you'll ever see, city lights, colors, music and you. Can you think of anything better?

7 - Edinburgh, Scotland, England. The city can boast not only of fabulous fireworks, but also of a famous street party that includes a 'first-footing'. This involves being the first person to cross the threshold of a friend. People, cuisine, and a physical appearance of the city have an elegant, but ever-changing air about them.

8 - Valparaiso, Chile. This city is famous for the firework events that are held in the natural settings - on the beach. It is definitely the most vibrant and enchanting events in the country. Catching Valparaiso’s “New Year’s by the Sea” fireworks show should be your next destination.

Cities have already started to prepare for the New Year's Eve. What about you?

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