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Art in Sydney

Australia most visited harbour bridge

The day started out with sunshine rays glistering through sheer white drapes unto the mintly white fresh and breakfast in bed served with givenchy's essence to get the cosmopolitian air brewing in the hint of the -”bad case of coffe breath” syndrome. The curiosity to start the day by foot or crowding with the bustling daily commute communal.

- Sydney will take you just about anywhere Purchasing a ticket on the hop on – hop off bus will be a great exprience. It was an excellent choice since there is SO much to see and do in Sydney and cab rides are out of control expensive. A one way cab fare from the hostel to the beach with NO stops on the way cost close to $40! This bus also took the guess work out of which places should make it on our sightseeing list with only a limited amount of time. The hop-on/hop off bus has 2 routes, one takes you to all of the major sightseeing spots in the city and the other takes you to all of the beaches. At around $40 for 24 hours of use, this was a great deal all the way around! The hop on/hop off bus tour is exactly what it sounds like, it is a big 2 story bus that allows you to “hop on” and “hop off” as you please at all of the desirable locations.

The Taronga Zoo is a wonderful zoo with a good variety of native animals and amazing views ofthe city and Sydney Harbour. Some things to consider before deciding whether it's an expense you want to incur are: 1) Do you enjoy zoos? 2) Are you going to see native animals elsewhere during your tour of Australia? 3) Will your tour to the Blue Mountains include a stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park? (Many Blue Mountain tours stop here on the way, so this could negate the need to go to Taronga.)

The tours to the Blue Mountains does include a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park. In fact, the tour leaves early so that it is the first stop. We get there before it opens to the public for a tour without the crowds. We will be visiting other areas in Australia that we will see the native animals-such as in Darwin and Melbourne (going to Phillips Island to see the Penguins).

For art museums, the Art Gallery of NSW would probably be my pick of all of them. You could see it when you are visiting the Botanical Gardens, it's situated in the Domain adjacent to the gardens. It has a very good collection of Aboriginal art on the lower floor. Entry level has Australian art. There's a fabulous view of the harbour from the restaurant (also on entry level). Entry is free.

There are no roads through the Botanic Gardens, so the tour won't be driving through. However, there is a little trolley train that might be useful for you if walking isn't your thing.

The tour bus will probably go along Macquarie street, with the Gardens on the eastern side, around past the Art Gallery of NSW ( well worth a look & is open on Wednesday evenings until 9) and down to Mrs Macquarie's point. You will be able to see the gardens to the west (left side of the bus). Very popular spot for photos at the bottom of the road - Harbour, opera house & bridge.

We have several, of particular interest to visitors are the Hyde Park Barracks (top of Macquarie street, between The Mint (also worth a look & has a good restaurant ) and St Mary's Cathedral.

The other one the Museum of Sydney, in Bridge Street. Oh yes, and the Justice & Police Museum, Philip & Albert Sts ( just down from the Museum of Sydney).

The Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Powerhouse just behind it in Ultimo are also interesting.

Have a look at

They often have interesting events in heritage properties, museums etc. a week or so ago, I went to a brilliant clarinet recital by Paul Meyer & the Omega group at Government House, as part of their programme .

Other places that might interest you are Cockatoo Island, and Fort Dennison, two of our Harbour islands. I think someone mentioned the Quarantine Station, which you can reach by ferry to Manly & a bus up to North Head - or direct by EcoHopper catamaran.

Art Galleries - generally we house art in galleries, artefacts in Museums here. The exception is the MCA (Museum of Cintemporary Art) at Circular Quay. Their 4th floor roof terrace is a nice spot for a coffee/drink/ light brunch /lunch, if there isn't a cruise liner blocking the view of the Opera House.

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