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Pleasures in Croatia are timeless

Splits rocky coves

The largest and most important city in Dalmatia, which is the administrative center of Croatia's Split-Dalmatia county is Split. It is situated on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, nowadays it has spread onto the mainland and encompasses the mouth of the River Cetina.

The beautiful city has a rich history. It is situated on a small peninsula, in the foothills of Kozjak and Mosor mountains. With a population of 200.000 it is the second largest city in Croatia. Along its 1778km coastline, a glistening sea winds around rocky coves,warm and unique beaches.

Split city has grown prettey fast in the 7th century, when its inhabitants took refuge within its walls of the destroyed Greek and Roman Metropolis Salonae. You can still explore the amazing ruins of Solin today. Its also a busy port, with an international airport and regular ferry services with the nearby islands, the north and south Adriatic, Italy and Greece.

The passenger ships of the city may be encountered in almost all the seas of the world. The city has also large chemical works, metallurgy plants and workshops for the production of solar cells.

The fertile fields all around the Split represent a good base for agriculture, while cultural monuments, superb landscapes and unparalleled seascapes make it a tourist's wonderland.

The city is more exciting than relaxing, it’s pleasures are more timeless than trendy. it's a nearly obligatory stop on a Dalmatian visit. With the ancient walls of Deiocletian's Palace in the heart of the city, which rises the majestic cathedral surrounded by a beautiful street containing shops, bars and businesses.

Cities throb with nightlife amid ancient Roman ruins. Town's entire western end is a vast, wooded mountain park with beaches below and pathways above. It is also the jumping-off point for exploration of the coast and islands of the beautiful Croatian Adriatic

The country ahs a unique and schizoid identity. You can feel a strong central European flavor in the baroque architecture of Zagreb and Italian devotion to the good life percolates up from the coast, permeating Croatian food and style, collorfully costumed dancers represents country’s Slavic soul emerges.

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