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Macedonia, air of mystery

Land of sun is the land of the tastes

There are few places that would remind you of Macedonia, no one is so ancient and brand new at the same time, struggling to find its identity in post communist world, the capital with modern bars, ruins that remind of its past and latest Italian fashion stores, black clad monks marking Macedonia's daily life on each step.

It's so far away what we are used to, so mysterious and unique at the same time. Macedonia is a beautiful place to visit, mountainous scenery and some of the best alpine views, it's a paradise with extensive wilderness and outdoor activities, with fascinating ruins and amazing history that throws you right back in time.

Skopje is the capital of the country, being buzzing place with Eastern European stereotypes, full of unexpected attractions and amazing things to do and to see at every season. Lakes, Rivers and a bunch of stunning nature wonders will amaze you, but its welcoming and warm citizens makes the best of the country, this nation will make your visit truly memorable. The capital is one of Europe's most eclectic small cities, where cameras of visitors won't stop snapping, it's an amazing ever changing city.

There are many monuments that have survived through early times, such as the 15th-century Kameni Most, stone bridge, Skopje's Ottoman- and Byzantine-era wonders, Turkish Bazaar and Tvrdina Kale Fortress, that has been Skopje's guardian since the 5th century. Apart the beautiful past that marks every little detail in Macedonia's daily life, Skopje has countless of modern galleries, clubs and bars, that represents the very fast modern culture boom.

Macedonia still struggles with its own identity, being separated from Yugoslavia in 1991 peacefully, although they are still negotiating and resolving the name issue with Greece. Otherwise, Macedonia is a perfect holiday place, with some of the finest cuisine, which is a result of influence coming along the valleys, finest waters and plenty of sunshine, so delicious vegetables, fruits accompanied with great traditions.

Red peppers, great wine, soft cheese, nuts and beef, this country is all about great quality food and the oldest cooking traditions. From appetizers to main dishes and desserts, it combines Balkan and Mediterranean characteristics, with strong influences from Turkey, Greece and Italy, which altogether makes it a heterogeneous.

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