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Skopje, blessed capital of Macedonia

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Macedonia is a country that haven't figured out yet whether is ancient or brand new, searching for its place in the postcommunist world. It's a place of change , struggling in the past at the same time, Orthodox monks are part daily life in here, and youngsters, dressed in latest fashion clothes are as normal as stylish bars and restaurants in here.

There is no need to divide the old Macedonia from the new one, they play together as good as two instruments, making a stunning music and unbelievable first impression for travelers. Macedonia is blessed with natural beauty, spectacular peaks, lakes and rivers, and of course its inhabitants, that with their charms and hospitality will make your stay unforgettable.

Its capital, Skopje, is one of the most entertaining capitals in Europe, which has grown a lot in last few years, every monument and bridge of the monument is surrounded now with tourists and their camera's snapping sound, as never before, Skopje is right in the spotlight at the moment. Skopje has it all to offer, from Skopje's Ottoman- and Byzantine-era wonders, including the 15th-century Stone Bridge,that dates back in Roman times, Carsija, the old Turkish bazaar, all that mixed up with modern culture and countless stylish clubs and bars.

Skopje remains the little, intriguing capital, still not really recognized and virtually unknown city, but having so much potential, that is slowly growing in the Balkans. Skopje is a city that suffered a lot loosing all the tourists and industrials who were coming to the capital ,and suddenly stopped because of the bombs started to fall, now slowly slowly gaining them back, Skopje has reached to be the favourite independent European city, being the most extraordinary city!

Growing stability in the Balkans is slowly tempting back those intrepid pioneers of industry and tourism who stopped coming to the region when the bombs started to fall, and, accordingly, your guide publisher is on hand to pick up the pieces and help you get the most from this most extraordinary city.

The one time home of Byzantine officials, illustrious sultans and Communist bigwigs alike, Skopje is positively bursting with good things from pointy mosques to fashionable bars to quality hotels to the occasional world-changing example of 12th-century painting.

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