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Singapore Hostels

In Singapore everything is very well organized and very very clean. It is a perfect place to go. People from Singapore have a passion for shops and for food. So here you can endlessly shop and eat. But you can also see beautiful things and enjoy the nature in the city.

Singapore is a shopping paradise for everyone because it has a lot of huge shopping males. You can buy there a gigantic amount of national and international products. Most of the time the products are much cheaper than everywhere else because you don't have to pay the tax. So take your change!

Hungry of the shopping? Make a stop and eat the delicious local food. The most heavenly are Bak Kut Teh (Pork Bone Tea), the famous Satay, Fried Carrot Cake (no sweet!), Roti Prata (one of the most ubiquitous Indian dishes), Rojak (a kind of salad) or Char Kway Teow. You cannot leave Singapore without trying al least the last one!

Visit also the zoo, Singapore Zoological Gardens. It is a beautiful zoo, maybe the most beautiful one in the world! There are living 3600 animals in a natural environment. You can make a walk, take the little train or make a night safari in the evening. Take the zoo-express from the city and within minutes you are in the middle of nature!

Do you want to do something different, go to Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens). This is an amusement park full of Chinese myths and legends, the only one in this category. You will find all the important persons and stories of the Chinese mythology in big and colourful statues.

Singapore has for everyone something. It's green, clean, big, safe but all above this it is a very impressive city. Go and experience it by yourself!

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