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Shanghai, Top 10 things to do and see

Mix of excess and exoticism in China

Shanghai, China's largest and most prosperous city has an atmosphere full of vitality. For those reasons alone it's worth a visit. Below are the top things you should do in Shanghai.

1. Maglev, the world's fastest train

A ride in the Maglev train from Pudong Airport to the city center is a perfect way to feel super-modern Shanghai. At 431 kph, this air-conditioned, super-clean, magnetically-levitated train covers 30 km in only 8 minutes.

2. The Huangpu River

The Bund displays Shanghai's classic skyline views of colonial architecture and skyscrapers along the 500m wide Huangpu River. A boat or ferry cruise is the most recommended method of exploring The Bund.

3. The Shanghai Museum

Located on the People's Square near Nanjing Road, the "glassy" Shanghai Museum has a large collection of rare cultural relics, over 120,000 pieces.

4. Yu Garden

Yuyuan is the only surviving Ming Dynasty garden in Shanghai. It has become a city highlight due to its beautiful scenery, characterized by decorated bridges, colorful pagodas and intimate enclaves separated by "dragon walls".

5. View the city from the World Financial Center

It is the fifth tallest building in the world competes. Although you can view the scenery from various floors, make sure to go to the world's highest observatory, The Sky Walk, on the 100th floor.

6. Roller coaster at Shanghai Happy Valley

There are three different thriller rides to choose from, namely the Mega Lite, Dive Machine and Fireball.The Gyro Swing rises up to 15 stories while the Fireball wooden roller coaster blasts at super high speeds.

7. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Not only do you get to enjoy sitting inside a revolving hotel in this revered and outstanding land mark, but you also get to see Shanghai metropolis from a"Space Module" , the highest observatory level set at 350 meters

8. Shanghai Circus World

Tourists enjoy a variety of domestic and international live performances from dances, music competitions, shows to acrobatics at this venue.

9. Watertown, Zhujiajiao

You can choose to stroll around by foot to admire the numerous fascinating canals, bridges and architecture in this old water town in Shanghai.

10. Walk and Shop along Nanjing Road

Famous Nanjing Road is an equivalent of New York's Fifth Avenue. Get a taste of bustling Chinese commerce where retailers from all over the world display their products on streets.

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