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Glamour and mystique of Shanghai

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No matter how many times you have visited China, maybe none, but I assure you, that will be always an adventure, a lifetime experience, because despite everything, China it's world's oldest continuous civilisation. China is so huge and so diverse, maybe you won't find great history behind every corner, but you will definitely enjoy the most diverse landscapes and natural beauties ever. From great mountains to water towns, from laid back villages, to the most modern metropolis...temples, Buddhist status, prepare your shoes, you are about to discover the Big China.

We have arrived in a century, where everything is made in China, well, good for them, and to be honest they are one though nation, hardworking and definitely not big talkers, they Do instead, skipping the small talk. You might be confused where to start from, Shanghai , Hong Kong and Beijing are the big, modern sisters, that keep moving the whole country and to frank , the whole world. They are ambitious, fast and wherewithal! Once you get tired from the crowds, head to Tibet, to the impressive deserts of Mongolia, rice terraces in South will blow your mind, and the Great Wall, it's something!

Hong Kong is a great idea any time, this city literally burst from energy, it's fascinating, full of old traditions wrapped into modern wonders and the food, it's heaven on earth. It's actually the top Asia's culinary capital, the cuisine is a brilliant mix of cultures, deliciousness of Shanghainese, Vietnamese, Japanese or European. You choose your gastronomic desires, and Hong Kong will be there to serve you! Some of the best celebrity chefs are working and impressing the visitors from all over the world, in Hong Kong there will be new restaurants and new bars to attend and to discover.

There are curious islands all over the area, waiting to be discovered and adored, it's a exploration, magnificent harbours and sprawling parks and so much more. For those willing to totally relax, Hong Kong offers chic street side boutiques and antique stores, the Must are gadget bazaars, where you will totally lose yourself between kitchen knives and the most colorful dresses ever!

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