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Valentines Day in Brazil

Fulfilled with love

We are in June already, that means Summer for Europeans, but for Brazilians one of the best times of the year, the wintertime, the best for visiting. But don't think about cold, it's different Winter there.

Once Brazilian said to me, there is never cold in Brazil, and winter is not winter. It also depends of where are you staying, during this month, in certain regions of Brazil, mainly the hilly areas of the South-east, the Centrer-West, and part of the South, June is usually a time of dry and sunny weather, on the north-eastern coast, June is rainier than the summer months, but enjoyable nevertheless.

Rio de Janeiro always has pleasant temperatures, anyway, if you plan a trip to Brazil and want to travel trough all regions, you should pack your swimming suit and winter coat :) You never know, there could snow in mountains. As everything seems to be upside down in this country compare to Europe, also Valentines Day is in June 12th, Dia dos Namorados, and believe it or not, it dates back in 1940, created to stimulate shopping.

Very beloved by now in Brazilians, on the eve of Saint Anthony's Day, which is patron saint of marriages, so girls on this eve write the names of three possible matches on little pieces of paper and leave them under her pillow all night. The man whose name she drew in the morning would be her future husband.

This day is a romantic date for Brazilians, maybe its a trick for shoppers to shop more, maybe it's an old tradition, or simply a day when to remember your lover, doesn’t really matter, if there is one day in a year, that is fulfilled with love, it's more than enough, more days like this!

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