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Projeto Tamar

If you dont't already know where to go next summer, start planning your trip.The most famous archipelago in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha, belongs to the state Pernambuco and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The main island has an area of 18,4 square meters and high temperatures are guaranteed.

The marine life on the island is lush so this is the place to go diving. Its famous because of the ecotourism and you can also swim with the turtles. The Project Tamar (“Projeto Tamar”) aims to protect them and promotes lectures in the museums, expositions and tours where it is possible to do the “Turtle by Night”, to interact with babies turtles.

Because you are far away from the major cities in Brazil it does not mean that you should not enjoy the nightlife. In Fernando de Noronha there's a very famous bar called “Bar do Cachorro” (Dog's Bar), where you can find many natives and try to dance the “forro”, a traditional rhythm.

And then you can watch the sunrise at the beach because the island is absolutely safe. In fact, it's necessary to pay a fee every day to stay there.Therefore, regardless of the situation, the beaches are never crowded or dirty.

The inns and hotels are simple, as most homes of the families that live by it, but there are few of luxurious hotels expensives enough to do what you feel in paradise.

In fact, no matter what type of tourist you are, if you like to know beautiful and unforgettable places, this is certainly fascinating and unique for sure.

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