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Caribbeans, perfect place to get away

Bequia Easter Regatta

Mostly famous for their white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters, but these famous islands are more this. They are surprisingly different-some are with strong culture of music and dance, some have excellent hotels and restaurants, so they are lively. Others are like a dozy island idyll – just with a few palms and just a spit of sand-many of them, so one could be your own. The Caribbeans are perfect place to get away from all the world and just to relax, because the climate is wonderful all the year and the people are extremely friendly, welcoming and charming there, which is like a bonus to make your stay longer.

The famous Dominic is an island nation sitting midway along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, well-known for its incredible nature and relatively untouched physical surroundings, called also “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” for its unspoiled beauty. Christopher Columbus named it after the day of the week in which he spotted the Island – Sunday (Dominica from Latin) 3th of November in 1493.

In following 100 years after Columbus landing, the Island remained isolated, so many Caribs settled there from Europe powers. The official name of the Island is Commonwealth of Dominica, its very official used, but mostly for other reason - to help distinguish the island from the Dominican Republic, which is located in the other part of the Caribbean plate. Still being formed by volcanic activity, in world's second largest boiling lake. The official language in Dominic is English.

If you wanna visit Aruba – desert island, be ready to pack plenty of water. It's unique Caribbean island, known for its aloe, amazing and unusual animals, rainforests- Puerto Rico's El Yungue ,and of course famous divi divi trees.

The region comprises more than 7,000 islands, reefs and cays. At the beginning Columbus thought that he had finally reached Asia, after landing in the Bahamas, so he named them Indies. Indies first inhabitants were Indians, and Columbus became the first European who arrived at the islands, after historians have told that he was the firs human being who ever stepped in the Bahamas.

The Islands are visible even from one another over a few miles of sea. Whether you are looking for an easy get away on your own, with friends, colleagues or just a romantic vocation, the Caribbeans are perfect. If you are looking for a peace, you can lay down in sand beside the palm trees or if you want to have something a little bit more edgy like team building experience in sailing. On April in Caribbeans is held Bequia Easter Regatta, which dates back to 1967, begins on good Friday. The Bequia Sailing Club promotes sailing skills in every type of craft, challenging courses in Racing. There will be Yachts from all over the World to take a part in one of the Caribbeans most popular regattas.

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