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Sana'a, Yemen

A New Old destination

Designed as "Cultural capital of the arabic world" by the UNESCO in 1994, Sana'a is a very surprising and beautiful city. The historical center of the city has been included in the list of the World Heritage in 1986.

When you visit this city, don't miss the numerous moskees. They are the most important historical monuments of the old city. The moskees consist of a principal building surrounded with schools,little gardens and sometimes even hotels.

Be impressed by the several souks where you can buy coffee or qat. You can also try to buy a jambiya. It's a little sword that distinguish persons of one class of another.

Have also a look at Bay Baws, a little village just 5 minutes from Yemen. It has a beautiful nature and is the favorite escape of the yemenits.

To finish some tips: the Mall Sanaa for shopping, the Golden hotel for its incredible view, le Al-Dawani or Yemenite honey as thé souvenir of Sanaa.

City: Sanaa
Country: Yemen
Published on 05-Giu-2008
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