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Porto Seguro in Brazil

Catwalk of Alcohol and cacao trees

Known as the cradle of Brazil, Porto Seguro is a city able to please all kind of people. It is located in the state of Bahia, land of spice food and cocoa trees, and has about 85 Km of calm and clean sea, where you can find colourful cliffs, beautiful forests and coral reefs. Porto Seguro is considered to be one of the most important Brazilian tourist centre nowadays, having a huge number of visitors every year, specially in Carnival.

With it's "Catwalk of Alcohol", where tourists can have a fun time drinking, eating local food and shopping, and the Taperapua beach, good place to dance the Axe Music and burn your calories, Porto Seguro is not just a place to party, but also to get in touch with pure and rich Brazilian culture.

The whole city was listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, by it's colonial historical architecture and famous spots, such as the place where the first mass was prayed, and also the native pre Columbian communities. There is also a lot of things to do for whom is interested in ecological tours, including water parks, swimming trough the cays and walking in the Atlantic forest.

The region around Porto Seguro was the very first place touched by European navigators in Brazil, who decided to start over there the Portuguese colony in South America. On the upper part of the city we can see their landmark, brought in the XIV as a symbol of the power of the Crown. Houses, churches and even a jail, complete the historical centre, that had, 500 back, a big role in the development of that country.

Since 2000, the city has been receiving help from the government to improve its basic structure, to preserve its monuments and nature, and to help the very kind native people how to use wisely everything Porto Seguro can offer. At the end of all, this amazing city is a mix of past, present and a promising future.

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