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Mother Earth in Rome

Rome for Free

See the most beautiful and amazing things of our earth and see also all the damage we make to it. National Geographic Italy shows the most beautiful pictures of our earth at an exhibition in Palazzo Delle Espozioni in Rome. Mother Earth You can go there for free from the 7th of February until the 29th of March 2009.
The 101 pictures shows all the beautiful sides of the different continentals and oceans. You can see the habitats of protected animals in Asia, discover the Australian prairies, or make a journey to the dessert of Africa. Be wondered about amazing animals, fantastic flowers and domestic human. You will see pictures you have never seen before!
But...the pictures illustrate also the damage that people make to the earth, the animals that live at risk of extinction and the human groups that have to live on the line of survival. The polar bear who is loosing his territory, the nature that's been destroyed by the urbanisation.
There are many ways we can protect our earth. Some ways are simple, some ways are more difficult. National Geographic wants, with showing this pictures, just contribute a little help by saving the earth.
Go there, see the stirring pictures and let them impress you. Hopefully it will make you think about our fascinating and only earth!

City: Rome
Country: Italy
By: George Steinmetz
Published on 10-Feb-2009
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