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Beware of guests who steal !!

Thieves in Hostels....

The night of 05/Jan (practically 2-4am on 06/Jan), two guys origine from Morocco robbed locker room in a hostel in Rome. ( It appened also in Vienna, Swiss, Germany )

They had boldly made their reservations through a booking portal site before they showed up.

Guys whose names are Morad Zelmat (Booked as Zelmat M.) and Sami Lasfar.

They stole laptop computers, gps devices, video camera, cash, credit cards ect from different lockers.

Their personal details are saved from registration.

For further inquiries please contact:

They have been reported to the local police (Rome)

Just in case they show up your place, keep your eyes open!!

City: Rome
Country: Italy
Published on 20-Gen-2009
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