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Sistine chapel

500 years anniversary

Rome is one of the few cities with more than 2000 years history, still safe and available for all the world to see and to touch...And still , Vatican keep surprising all the world...on the first of November will be 500 years since the celling of the Sistine Chapel opened in public,consider that it was existing already was all over painted by the genius Michelangelo Buonarotti over five years, it was and it still is covered with religious scenes.

Every single day more than 15.000 people visit the chapel to enjoy the beauty and the unique of the mosaics and paintings, so it seems to be in danger,as the Vatican Museum chief Antonio Paolucci mentioned, that the dust and pollution agents from the crowd endangered the priceless art works so the anniversary will promise to revive the arguments about the restoration work on the images, there are different opinions spread between the critics about the colour considered it as gaudy and vulgar, because the restoration made the colours brighter than the original ones.

However, Sistine Chapel is so worth it to be seen, specially if its birthday, the 500th, don't miss, head to Rome and get in there to enjoy the masterpieces of the worlds best arts, by Michelangelo.

City: Rome
Country: Italy
By: By starbuck77 Flickr
Published on 31-Ott-2012
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