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Valentine's Day 2012

Best 20 cities in the world

Valentines day is celebration of all the lovers on this planet, doesn’t matter who you are, where are you from and what's your relationship status. Valentine's Day started back in the Roman Empire times, in ancient Rome, when 14th of February was a holiday to honour . In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honour of Juno, who was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. And Rome still continues to celebrate it, giving all the love they have.

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If you want to prepare a beautiful and unforgettable surprise for your beloved ones, Barcelona is a place where you should take them. There are some activities, that you can enjoy in Barcelona for your romantic getaway, including few parks, like Park Guell and Laberinto de Horta Park, which are neoclassic garden of the eighteenth  century, with small waterfalls and sculptures.

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Every year around 14th of February, Paris has always been considered the most romantic city in the world then it’s obvious that spending it in Paris is the ultimate experience But nobody really knows who is the mysterious Valentines Saint who started all this tradition around the earth. Just imagine the city of Paris with its lights, boulevards and bistros will help you get into the mood , is there anything better?

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Maybe for most of you Saint Valentines day is nothing special, just as normal day as every, for some of us it’s a bad breaking up at this time, for some there is never a partner around this time, and for some , who always have a partner at this time, it’s a beautiful time of the year, when you can show your feelings specially and have a nice excuse to give and getting a present. London might be the perfect destination, with Big Ben tower and nice dinner in one of the cities greatest restaurants.

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New York City is such an amazing city, it's no wonder that it's such a popular romantic destination. Whether it's Valentine's Day or you're just trying to impress someone special, New York City has so much to offer. Experience New York City's most romantic restaurants and places, your lover wont be disappointed, believe me, that could be the Valentine's day that you have been always dreamed about.

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The city of Venice, in northern Italy, makes a fabulous destination for a romantic Valentine's Day visit especially, that during these dates there is Carnevale di Venezia going on. Romantic nooks and crannies, 117 islands, 400 bridges, it seems as if the entire population of Italy has migrated north to take part in this orgy of colour and excitement, so why won't you?

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Even it seems as the other side of the world, Sydney is worth it to celebrate the lovers day in the beautiful capital, why not to spice things up this Valentine’s Day and spend it in exciting Latin Fiesta cruise on Sydney Harbour. Go to Sydney and enjoy Brazilian Fiesta !!

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If you are looking for something different, spending Valentine's in Japan, Tokyo might be the right choice, being little different from what you're used to, there is more a day for the men, than for couples. It's really strange what you will read now, the women are those ones, who shower the men with gifts and chocolates. Don't worry Women, in Tokyo they have women's day on March, so go to spoil your man to Tokyo!

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Austria celebrates the Valentine’s Day in the way any other developed country enjoys it. It's believed that Americans introduced the whole concept of Valentine’s Day to Austria. Austria is famous for the dance to waltz and hotels offer three nights from Valentine’s Day in Vienna with a fairytale ball thrown in, if you like to spend the most romantic night in your life, you will have to go to Vienna.

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Florence is one of the most visited cities in this period, close to and in Valentine’s Day, the city has many things to offer, including beautiful and romantic sites, spots and views: from art treasures to the intricate streets in the centre of Florence,the secret gardens, having a relaxing walks with your other half, it's Italy, so that's enough already to have a romantic mood.

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Are you thinking how to impress your Valentine this year? Something special should be coming up? Prague, that's the answer, a romantic meal by the river or dinner at a hillside restaurant overlooking the stunning capital. The river runs right through the heart of the city, so making it all more romantic, the nature will work for it itself!

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Amsterdam is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where everything is allowed, if you want to relax yourselves, so being here for Valentine's Day is an opportunity not to be missed. Go for cosy dinner, take a boat cruise, or maybe just get married for a day! As they say, the way to man's heart is through his stomach, enjoy bonbon or pastry shop called Unlimited Delicious, just imagine a sweet bitter chocolate melting in your mouth....

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Turkish known as a very passionate people, and also Istanbul has its incredible charm and beauty, If everything is ready, such as chocolates, gifts and flower-sending arrangements, then it’s time to pick a place to go for the night. In Istanbul, as a very romantic city for centuries, restaurants and hotels are getting ready for Valentine’s Day with special menus, packages and offers.

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As love should be celebrated everyday, Valentine's Day is just an excuse to buy some presents and send love cards, to show that special person in your life just how much you care. If you are planning to impress your date with some exclusive and romantic dinner in beautiful city, Bangkok in Thailand is what you need. It will be a lifetime experience, a ten-course Thai Traditional and Thai Seafood set menu in one of the coolest restaurants of the town.

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Valentine's Day tends to put a bit of pressure on people to come up with an idea for the perfect date so don't think twice, and take a great trip to the beautiful Cape Town, this magnificent city . You can take a sweet boat cruise with your lover or go to one of the best bars in Cape Town, having an assortment of beautiful settings that provide the perfect backdrop for sipping on delicious cocktails with your date!

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Valentine's Day doesn't have to mean heart shaped boxes of chocolates and teddy bears, we can can give you some ideas, to choose the best city for you and your sweetheart to spend the Lovers day the best way you possibly can. Restaurants serving candle light dinner in Singapore, best place to celebrate valentines day, for a reasonable price!

Enjoy a romantic and relaxing vacation and celebrating Valentine's Day in Singapore.

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Valentine's Day, el Día de los Enamorados, is just an excuse for all the lovers, we can show our love every day for those ones we care, anyway if you like to spend your lover day or just an romantic little holiday, you will definitely impress your sweet heart with Buenos Aires...there is no better place in South America to spice up the love life. Cafés, restaurants and bars attract lovers all night long, and sexy dances like tango encourage couples to parade their stuff in the spotlight.

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Rio De Janeiro is maybe one of the few cities, where the love was born, one of the most romantic cities on the earth. It's also a time with the Carnival crush yet to begin, so double excitement for the travellers. But Brazilians celebrate Lovers day in June, so in February you will find restaurants for romantic meals available without crowds of lovers, that's great right? For making it ultra romantic date, take the cable car up Sugar Loaf mountain!

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Published on 02-Feb-2012
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