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La Dolce Vita at the Foro Italico

highest-ranking tennis competition

The best tennis players at the Foro Italico in Rome, but its more than just tennis, it's a total entertainment experience, the International BNL d'italia features the best players.

This is the highest-ranking the all times best tennis competition in the world, attracting the best male and female tennis players. Specially for male players, as it constitutes the most prestigious tournaments in men's tennis after the four Grand Slam events and the ATP World Tour Finals.

The ATP – Association of Tennis Professionals - Masters 1000 tournaments attract the sport elite as they vie for the coveted title of world number one. It's a series of nine tennis tournaments that are a part of the tour.

All the series includes also 4 tournaments in North America,4 in Europe and one in China, ending in London, which showcases the top eight players.

It was introduced to the world back in 1990 by bringing the nine tournaments of the tournaments of the Grand Prix Tennis Circuit, it was originally known as "Championship Series, Single Week" events. Than in 1999 it was recognized like Mercedes-Benz Super 9, and has been changed to ATP Master Series in 2004, and finally the current name took its effect in 2009.

High fashion, fine food, fabulous shopping and celebrity musical performances have made it one of the most glamorous stops on the ATP World Tour.

Great tennis returns to Rome!

City: Rome
Country: Italy
By: By Yannick Carrer
Published on 12-Mag-2011
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