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Primo Maggio Music Festival

In Piazza San Giovanni Rome

The Primo Maggio Music Festival is an annual one day festival in Rome that welcomes the spring season. The gigantic music festival is held in Piazza San Giovanni from 2pm to 11pm and is entirely free!

Primo Maggio features a number of well-known Italian pop and rock bands, as well as the occasional international guest. The line-up is only released a few days before the event, but there is sure to be performances by Marlene Kunts and Hard-Fi.

The festival became a tradition in 1989 and has little to do with any Pagan celebration but has quickly become an important part of the Roman cultural calendar, as well as a major national and international event.

In addition to the music, which goes on all day, there are numerous vendors selling food as well as t-shirts and other souvenirs!

City: Rome
Country: Italy
By: By Chris Yunker Flickr
Published on 29-Apr-2011
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